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I'm a Guay? No, Uruguay!

Everybody tears off down the pier past Phil, with a couple of wipeouts along the way. He leans back, doing his "please don't flatten the host" thing, which I still love. There is running. Running! And yelling. Yelling! I really missed the running and yelling. I missed everything, actually. Even with Alison, I'm happy. "Charla, come on, come on," Mirna nags, pulling Charla by the hand. Is that faster, with the pulling? I can't imagine it is. The rest of the teams get out a bit ahead of Charla and Mirna, and Mirna's again with the "Come on, Charla, run, run." First to arrive at the luggage are Colin and Donny, followed quickly by everybody else. The group tears into their envelopes. Rrrrrrip! What a great sound. Christie reads the clue, which says that they need to find "the hand in the sand" in Uruguay. If this doesn't cause you to spend three days singing something like, "Put your hand in the sand of the man from Uruguay" to yourself, you're a better person than I am. Or at least a luckier one, with less extensive history of camp songs.

Anyway, Uruguay. Hey, new country! The teams are given options of only two flights. And for whatever reason, they've been given $97.23 for the first leg by the jokers in race logistics. Perhaps your local numerologist can tell you whether there's some way that 97.23 spells F-A-M-E-W-H-O-R-E, because I wouldn't put it past...well, the jokers in race logistics. "You can do it, baby," Colin says to Christie as they take off. "Let's GO!" squawks KamiKarli with KarliKami right behind her. As Dennis and Erika run, he asks her if she saw that he got tripped. "Yes," she says. Colin and Christie seem to be first into their car, but the other YDCs and the twins are close on their heels. "Screeeeeeech!" says a car squealing away from the pier. Charla and Mirna have reached their clue, and seem happy about the idea of Uruguay. Cars continue to roll out, and KamiKarli sticks her arm out the window of the car and goes, "Woooooo!" It seems to me that KamiKarli might want to save up some of her "Woooooo!" for something more exciting than leaving a parking lot. The cars streak down the road and out the exit.

Credits. And THANK you, they've brought back the old music. With, most comfortingly, the rest at the end right before the last three notes and the [BOMP]. I was never really comfortable without the rest.

Frenetic music. We are still following black cars as they fly out of the exit (on both sides of the double yellow line, incidentally, which looks strange). Colin and Christie are in the lead, and she's navigating from the back while he drives. She's taking an alternate route, however, hoping everybody else just takes the 405. Colin expresses gratitude that Christie used to be a local. Hey, it worked like a charm for Wil and Loud Pushy Frank. They know, could have won. KamiKarli and KarliKami stop and get a guy to tell them the fastest way to the airport. KamiKarli reads KarliKami the information on the two flights, as Alison follows them, telling Donny that she might not have chosen to take this route, but she's happy to follow the twins. Marshall and Lance review the American and United flights that are available. In the Dennis/Erika car, talk turns to the matter of Dennis's having been tripped at the starting line by Colin, whom Erika refers to as "Texas." Colin, meanwhile, is telling Christie that it was instead Dennis who ran into him. Dennis sort of wants to get over it, and after Erika gets in her last theory, which is that Dennis couldn't have fallen as a result of contact from someone behind him if he hadn't been pushed, she drops it. Highway driving ensues.

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