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Bob and Joyce are both on the upper end of the age range, both widowed, and they met online and are now a couple. We watch them rollerblading as Joyce explains that they have "a second chance at love." You'll notice that she, having lost her husband to cancer, does not consider reality television the "ultimate love test." Bob thinks other teams will underestimate them (DRINK!), so I guess they're planning on being the stealth team, making them (surprisingly) the Chris and Amanda of their season. I suspect they won't say "fuck" as much, but if Joyce threatens to eat someone's car about ten minutes from now, you'll know that the comparison is apt, and that Bob will be praying for no tasks requiring him to distinguish among similarly dressed party guests. Bob insists that they two of them are fit and are smart enough to win. And then he says, "You fuckers." No, not really.

Colin and Christie are also a Young Dating Couple. She looks just like Nicole, basically, but he has straight brown floppy hair rather than curly blond floppy hair. Christie says that she and Colin are "aggressive." Colin, who looks kind of like Peter Krause wearing a thinned-out Dorothy Hamill wig, says that he's "very intense." In fact, he claims that he "could possibly be the most intense person that's ever run this race." Yeah, you could possibly be, but as it happens, you're not.

Chip and Kim are married parents. They have a computer company that they run together, meaning that they see each other substantially more than is probably a good idea. Kim says they are together "twenty-three hours a day." During the twenty-fourth hour, they are let out into separate exercise yards for recreation time. Chip says that they constantly "grow in love and respect for each other," but he also takes a moment to call her "doggone beautiful." Well, that's nice. You don't hear "doggone beautiful" nearly often enough, I find.

Jim and Marsha are the first father-daughter team ever, here in the fifth season. She looks a lot like Nicole and Christie. I hope those three women don't bond and start hanging out together, because my eyes will cross and it will be like when there were all those Steves and Jons and Daves last season. Oh, and Jim isn't just any father -- he's a military father, so if you don't eat your carrots, you have to do push-ups face-down in the mud. I'm really looking forward to the Roadblock where you have to bounce a basketball off your teammate's head. Marsha interviews that her dad refuses to see her as an adult, and always sees her as a "ten-year-old little girl." He points out that it's more that sometimes, she seems like a "twenty-six-year-old little girl." Yeah. I kind of feel him, having seen the episode.

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