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Jim and Marsha zip into the pool. He allows that zipping into a pool with 25 day-old stitches in your knee is not very smart, but...apparently, he decided to do it anyway. Down on the ground, Chip and Kim pick up the detour clue at last. Since they've already played the roulette, they're apparently allowed to go straight to the pit stop without repeating the task. Dennis and Erika zip down into the pool. They and Karli/Kami are all headed for the pit stop, as are Jim and Marsha.

Elsewhere, Brandon and Nicole are team number six, and Colin and Christie are team number seven. I would have thought Colin and Christie had worked their way up a little bit, but I guess not. He needs to lose the do-rag. He's not happy about being seventh.

So now it's Chip and Kim, Kami and Karli, Jim and Marsha, and Dennis and Erika, all in cabs on their way to the pit stop -- or so it appears. First of them to run up to the mat is...Chip and Kim. Not too bad, considering how miserably they screwed up. Chip points out the same thing in his interview, saying that they've done "everything that you could possibly do wrong," and yet they're still here. That's my concern, too. It doesn't speak well to the quality of the competitors, really.

Now, running up to the mat...Kami/Karli. KarliKami snarls at Phil, "Do not tell us we're last." He tells them they're ninth. They're relieved, but unhappy. It's really not worth getting upset about your placement at this point, because getting bunched up again soon is highly likely.

Jim and Marsha. Dennis and Erika. A car is pulling into the pit stop. Team approaching. And it's...Jim and Marsha, pulling in as team number ten. Jim blows off his injury, insisting that "nobody's ever died from pain." He clearly never watched Married By America. ["Or Flo." -- Sars]

And here come Dennis and Erika, up to the mat. They step up, and are Philiminated. Aw. Dennis says that being the first out was his worst fear. She breezily says that she knew that his good heart would be what would make them lose. Sheesh. I know what she's saying, and I know how she means it, but I wish she hadn't said it quite that way. Fortunately, when he says they lost because of him, she says that it doesn't matter, and reminds him that he "did all the work," so if they lost because he screwed up once, that's okay. Well, that's a relief. Dennis interviews that the race -- which they did for, you know, two days or whatever -- showed them that they were "meant for each other." Two days, one connecting flight, one overnight, two zip lines -- one ultimate love test, people. She says she can't imagine herself with anyone else. Well...good for them, I suppose.

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