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I'm a Guay? No, Uruguay!

Brandon and Nicole cross the zip line. Jim and Marsha, for whatever reason, have gotten lost inside the hotel looking for the zip task. Don't try to keep track of how many teams got lost during this episode, because it will make you cry. I like the part where they turn the lights on and off to try to make the door unlock. Because that sometimes works.

Colin crosses the zip line. He calls back to Christie about how she just has to "not freeze" while she's doing it. He's...kind of hot, which bothers me, because I don't think I like them. Or I kind of do like them, but I'd rather not. I am conflicted. She successfully navigates the first zip, and he cheers for her. She talks about how supportive and nice he is, and I wish she would stop creating all the cognitive dissonance.

In the casino, Charla and Mirna win at roulette, which causes Mirna to dance around disturbingly. They rip the clue, and Mirna makes some weird remark about how they should stay and play one hand of blackjack, and Charla's like, "No," and then they tear off in search of the pit stop. Heh.

Speaking of the pit stop, Chip and Kim are now getting out of their taxi, which I guess means that they passed Alison and Donny, which is kind of weird. Kami/Karli is there also. Phil is standing on the mat in his stunning blue shirt, accompanied by a woman whose sash informs us that she is Miss Uruguay. Chip and Kim run up to the mat, and she welcomes them to Punta del Este. Phil says, "Chip and Kim, you're the first team to arrive." They look really happy, until he says, "However." He goes on: "You did not pick up a route marker, and you must go back and get it before you can check in." Their faces drop. Chip says that they realized they must have missed the route marker for the detour, and that they were very unhappy. They take off.

Kami and Karli are on the mat, and Phil is telling them the same thing. They're second to get there, but they also missed a clue. I'm sure it's not the first time. "Do we need to go back and do that?" KarliKami says, stricken. "You must go back and get it before you can check in." Cut to KamiKarli and KarliKami, running at full speed down the road. In their cab, they note that they have to go back to the hotel, so it's not like they don't know what they missed, either. They keep saying "Andale" to their driver, which...bugs. In the Chip and Kim cab, Chip says that for them to survive would be "a miracle."

Commercials. Okay, I admit that the one with the guy doing the homemade computer upgrades in his office is funny. Especially that girl whose monitor keeps sinking.

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