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Marshall and Lance, however, find the clue box across the street. One of them (Marshall?) says that he thinks he's lucky at roulette and likes it, so he immediately wanted to do that. He talks kind of like Elmer Fudd, in the same way Tom Brokaw does. ("Woo-wette.") Inside, they run into Chip and Kim, who are still playing. Marshall and Lance win first, so they get the pit stop clue and go.

Elsewhere, Alison heads down a flight of stairs and trips, sliding down about five steps on her ass, which is the most satisfying thing that's happened so far. There's absolutely no plot relevance to it at all, but the Amazing Editors are your friends. They would never leave out Alison falling on her ass.

Chip and Kim win at roulette, and head out of the casino. So now, they, Marshall and Lance, and Kami/Karli are all taking cabs at the same time toward the pit stop. Of those three, remember that only Marshall and Lance have done what they're supposed to do up to this point. In the cab, Kim expresses her surprise that there was no detour. Mm-hmm. Surprising, isn't it? In the Kami/KarliKab, they're talking also about the fact that they didn't really exactly ever get a clue that was across the street from the blue and white hotel. They're hoping everything is all right, but you can tell that they're nervous, and they're just figuring out that they didn't both really read the entire clue. Yeah. You really need to read the clue, ladies.

Bob and Joyce head down the zip line and land in the pool. Yay! I think I like them, too, although I need to see more personality.

I do not, however, need to see more Brandon, but here he is, reading the Detour clue to Nicole. They and Jim and Marsha both choose the Zips. Jim seems interested in the concept of something other than a zip line, but Marsha just tells him, "We don't want to do that." She's all heart with the injured partner and everything. Charla and Mirna are another team that's all atwitter about the roulette, because they're so good at it. In fact, Mirna thinks the presence of a gambling task is "a sign." You know, I've heard that when you ask for divine intervention, God often sends gambling.

Colin and Christie are also zipping. "To the roof!" he yells, just like he's a villain in a swashbuckling movie. It would have been awesome if he had pointed and twirled a cape.

It turns out Charla doesn't really want to do the gambling, but Mirna badgers her into it. "I just have a feeling!" she says. "I don't, but we'll try it," Charla says.

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