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I'm a Guay? No, Uruguay!

When Kami/Karli get to the hotel, they, too, struggle with the concept of "across the street." Rather than take the clue at its word, they go straight to the flag at the hotel. They go into the casino and up to the roulette table, where it a dealer when it's roulette? Anyway, the roulette lady explains that they can bet on up to five numbers at a time. If they win, they'll get the clue. Yeah, they're not supposed to be doing this yet, so if you're confused, you're right.

Linda is a bit tentative on the zip line. She does okay, though, and she and Alison are just about tied as they land at the end of the ride. Bob and Joyce kick the zip line's ass also, which is good to see. As Joyce cheers him on, Bob interviews that he "can't imagine anybody having a better teammate" than he does. Well, that's good. Warm fuzzies! In spite of Alison!

As the lead teams take in the zip down to the pool, Donny's comment is, "Dude, this is not short." He's the first to take the ride down, and while it is not short, it is mercifully uneventful. He softly splashes into the pool, and Alison follows him, screaming all the way down. She claims to have been scared, but says that she loves Donny so much that she doesn't want to make him lose. Oh, true love is so inspiring. When she reaches the bottom, she grabs their clue, which tells them to go ten miles by taxi to the town of Punta Ballena and find Casa Pueblo, where the pit stop is located. It looks like a house made of marshmallow fluff, kind of. And look, look, the mat! Alison and Donny seek a taxi.

Marshall and Lance and Chip and Kim are arriving at the hotel, and Chip and Kim are again with the clue across the street problem.

Linda and Karen prepare for the zip down to the pool. Karen thinks it's very cool, but Linda is just happy that she's still alive. Okay, I think I like them. Linda interviews that other teams will underestimate them (DRINK!), and they'll just keep going.

Kami/Karli is still erroneously playing roulette. They do eventually manage to win, at least. They get the pit stop clue. Hmm.

Chip and Kim hold their taxi while they clue-hunt, but they still are missing the clue across the street. Just like Kami/Karli, they spot the flag on the side of the hotel, and just like Kami/Karli, they head into the casino to play roulette. The clue box across the street sits miserable and neglected, like, "Whatever, fine, don't mind me, I'll just sit here, la dee da." Kim interviews that she was wondering why she was getting roulette chips, but she goes ahead with the game anyway.

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