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When we return to Dennis and Erika waiting for their taxi in desolation, she's complaining that they're in "dead last place." He protests that they aren't. Well...yes, you are, actually. He interviews that other teams have passed them "because of [his] niceness." When they finally get a cab, she bitches some more about "Mr. Fair-Play over here," and how he cost them the cab, blah dee blah. Yeah, time to drop it, girlie. That ain't nice.

The blue and white hotel. Alison and Donny get there, and although they look across the street from the hotel first, Donny's eyes fall on a flag at the hotel itself. They run inside there, but Alison mutters, "There's a clue. We're missing it." I wish she were less hateful, because she at least knows what she's doing. Inside, she protests that this clearly isn't where they're supposed to be, because there's no clue, so they've missed it. She forces him back outside. Meanwhile, Linda and Karen spot the clue box across the street as soon as they pull up, so they're actually the first to get to it. Alison and Donny quickly follow. (Not hard to find, once there are other people there with camera guys and whatnot.) Bob and Joyce are right there as well. "Oh my God, Detour," Karen says as she rips the clue.

The Detour is called Zips or Chips. (Oh, by the way, a Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. And it's introduced by the Exposition Hands. Yay!) In Zips, you go to the top of a high-rise, and you work your way along a horizontal zip line 210 feet in the air. Then you ride a second zip line down into the pool, which is an eighteen-story drop. In Chips, you go into the casino and get 20 chips with which to play roulette. If you win, you get your clue. If you lose your chips, you have to go and do the Zips anyway. All three of the lead teams choose Zips, which is a good sign generally. It's kind of a good Detour idea -- it's Reckless/Chicken, but with the gambling element, which is a clever complication. I think if they had made the gambling odds a little less favorable (they're really quite good, the way it was set up), it would have worked better, but overall, a good thought.

The first to go out on the zip line is Karen. Linda explains that she was busy clucking to herself, so she made Karen go first in order to see that it wasn't too horrifying. Which will work really well, unless Karen splats on the ground like a ripe watermelon, which might negate the element of reassurance. Karen rides the zip like a pro, fortunately. There are actually two lines, so two teams can go at a time, and Alison and Donny get going next.

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