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In one of those unintentionally funny moments you couldn't make up if you tried, Mirna is telling Charla, "We can do it all on our own! We don't need anybody!" as the guy behind them walks along, carrying their packs. In a further misfortune, they have freely and independently walked four streets too far, and one of the locals tells them that they've overshot the butcher. (But they did not overshoot the deputy.) Interestingly, as they get going back toward the butcher, they do let their guy help with the meat a little, and I'm kind of surprised they didn't get dinged for that. They get their meat dropped off, and almost run into Jim and Marsha and Kami/Karli on the way into the shop. These three teams all rip the clue.

Alison and Donny bicker in their cab about who has the clue, and the pack, and blah blah blah somebody's controlling and something something, and whatever. I hate her, and when she gets into this mode, I'm just going to ignore it, if it's all the same to you. Linda and Karen and Bob and Joyce are also heading for the hotel.

And what are Charla and Mirna doing? Blowing. The. Whistle. It's not even a full episode in, and already, the whistle makes me grind my teeth. "How are we going to find a taaaaaaxiiiii!" Charla complains.

Brandon and Nicole and Colin and Christie dump their meat. (Ew.) Then Marshall and Lance and Dennis and Erika. As it turns out, Kami/Karli is still hanging around, and five teams (including Jim and Marsha) wind up bunched up at the taxi stand, requiring them to get somebody to call five cabs for them. Last to arrive at the butcher are Chip and Kim, who meet up with Marshall and Lance at a different taxi-catching spot than the one where all the YDCs are hanging out. These two teams get cabs before the YDC cabs even begin to show up.

The rest of the teams gradually get cabs out of the meat district until Dennis and Erika and Colin and Christie are the last ones left waiting. Colin and Christie take the next cab, leaving Dennis and Erika as the last to get on their way to the blue and white hotel. Erika complains to Dennis when Colin and Christie are gone that he shouldn't have let them have that cab, because she actually saw it first. He voices over that after the incident at the airport, he was concerned that everybody hated him, so he was trying to do something to rehabilitate his reputation a little. ["Raaaaaaace!" -- Sars] Next time, I think he should send flowers or something. "We're in last place right now," Erika laments.

Commercials. Special vitamins for the low-carb people. Oh, what a world.

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