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The walking teams' ferry lands, and they head into the trees. Linda and Karen find themselves an 8:00 departure and a 9:00. Nicole finds a 9:00, and Brandon says maybe they should just grab that, but Nicole protests and wants to keep looking. Linda and Karen take the 8:00, while Nicole keeps looking for a better deal than 9:00. As they're debating, here come the last four teams from the American flight on their ferry. Colin unhappily notes that Brandon and Nicole are still looking, and he does a very smart thing, which is to confirm that nobody's seen anything later than 9:00, so I think he knows he has nothing to lose by continuing to look. But the teams really do just sort of take what's available, because although they don't realize it at first, 9:00 is all that's left. Marshall and Lance, Colin and Christie, Brandon and Nicole, Dennis and Erika, and Chip and Kim all wind up on the last ferry. And Brandon offers some kind of regretful statement about not listening to Nicole, but honestly, it's a little late, kid. Chip says that he took one look at the ticket and realized that they were with "the bottom-feeders."

Commercials. I don't think I'm buying a car/theme-park promotional tie-in. When my car goes upside-down, I consider that kind of a bad thing.

The moon hangs over the proceedings as the teams sit around a fire and then get ready to settle in for the night. Wait, are they not in a hotel? Wow. We haven't seen much outside sleeping in quite some time. How rugged. In the morning, everybody gets up and looks around. KamiKarli comments to KarliKami about what a nice day it is, and then we cut to Marshall and Lance, where Lance is saying, "Thank God we're getting off this hell hole." If he thinks this is a hell hole, he's certainly got some revelations coming to him. It doesn't even have poo or sacred religious rats! Amateur. They bitch about the bugs, the lack of sleep...they need to leave, because they are totally That Guy and That Guy's Brother. Go. Away.

Phil explains that, now, teams will take a boat from the island back to the Punta del Este dock, where there's another clue box. On the first boat, we have Alison and Donny, Bob and Joyce, and the rallying Linda and Karen. Half an hour after that will be Karli/Kami, Jim and Marsha, and Charla and Mirna. The last boat will carry five teams -- all the original American Airlines slackers, plus Brandon and Nicole, who earned the ignoble distinction of being the one team to fall back from pack to slack.

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