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I'm a Guay? No, Uruguay!

Bus #1 is arriving at the hand, which they all manage to spot, because it is a lot bigger than a flag. They get off the bus, and as they run for the Hand, Brandon takes Nicole's backpack and instructs her to run. I now notice that their caption says "Dating/Models." I guess that separates them from the many very, very ugly Dating Couples. Everyone gets to the clue. As Phil explains, it sends the teams to Gorriti Island by ferry, where they will find another clue. All seven teams head for the ferry. Most get taxis, which means that it's time for everyone to pull out their special phrasebooks called Ways To Make International Taxi Drivers Go Faster. Alison is sticking with muchos gracias, muchos gracias [sic], while KamiKarli says something in Spanish that's hard for me to make out, but is probably very manipulative. Mirna, on the other hand, instructs Charla to get out her whistle. Wait, whistle? Oh, yes. Charla indeed produces and starts blowing on a whistle. But as it turns out, they're standing in the wrong spot, so all the tweeting in Tweetyville will not get them a cab until they relocate, but when they do, they finally manage to track one down and get going. Charla asks the cab driver if he wants to "help" her, and then she interviews, "Strangers love to help me! They see me and they think, 'Oh, she can't do anything, so I'll just do it for her.' That's going to be saving us a lot of time." Yeah, but it ain't breaking any stereotypes. I'm just saying, you can have that one either way, but not both ways.

Brandon and Nicole are advised that they can walk to the ferry. When she sees the other teams in cabs, though, Nicole becomes alarmed. "Everyone's in cabs," she moans. "Baby, it's okay," say Brandon and his Hair On Loan From God. He insists that they have to save their money. She interviews that she was upset that Brandon refused to include or consult her when making that decision. She says she thinks they'd make better decisions if they were both involved. Linda and Karen also receive word that the ferry is within walking distance.

In the Bob and Joyce cab, she is trying out another phrasebook option, saying "grat-see-as" over and over again. In the Alison and Donny cab, meanwhile, he is quite confused by the fact that they're in a cab when he thought they were supposed to "take a boat there." Alison exasperatedly says yes, that's what they're doing. "Where's the ferry, then?" he asks. "He's driving us to it," she says in disgusted disbelief. "I'm the brains, he's the brawn," she says in an interview, before turning to him and saying, "Clearly, I'm more intelligent than you." And then she chirps, "Sorry, no offense." Well, none taken, I'm sure.

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