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"Gdansk is Poland's principal seaport and the birthplace of Solidarity, the worker's movement that helped bring down the communist government," Phil tells us over some dizzying shots of the city's towering harbor cranes and buildings. We also get another look at Solidarity Square, which was a much less eventful place last week than it was a couple of decades ago. "Situated on the Baltic Sea, it is also home to Europe's longest wooden pier." And Phil's now standing on it again, saying that Sopot Pier is also the start of the sixth leg in a race around the world.

We flash back to last week's close three-way finish, which Tim & Marie won by a hair, thus earning the right to start this leg in first place at 8:33 AM. That's a suspiciously civilized hour, if you ask me. The clue tells them to take a train to Vienna, Austria. Phil says it's a 640-mile trip to Austria's capital, where they'll have to find the famous Vienna State Opera House. We can already see that it's spectacular both inside and out. They'll have to find "Rigoletto," who is actually some slouching guy in a jester outfit who will lead them to the costume department to find their next clue. Oh, man, Danny's going to have PTSD flashbacks when he finds out about that last part.

In their pre-leg interview, the exes claim to be happy to not only be in the lead but also about how they used the Express Pass last week. I have to admit that they certainly wouldn't have won the leg without it, which rarely happens. But now they decide to piss away their one-minute lead by waiting for Jason & Amy, or "Jamy," as Marie calls them. Marie interviews that they've kind of been helping each other. Remember that for later.

So "Jamy" opens their second place clue at 8:34 AM, and Amy jumps up and down upon learning they're going to Austria. "That's where the Sound of Music is!" she geeks. And look how that ended. She says that they have to be getting close to winning a leg, after coming in second thrice in a row. Which is one more time than I thought it was. Must be getting old.

In third place, Nicole & Travis depart at 8:35 AM, interviewing about how happy they are to have the Express Pass they got from Tim & Marie last week. As we see the six of them running for cabs in a big, mixed-up group, Travis says this gives them a little security to avoid being Philiminated before the final leg. He knows they've only got three legs left to use it, right?

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