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Previously on Heroes And Vilnius: Ron and Christina "continued to work on their relationship," in the sense that Christina said "I love you so much" a lot, and her dad said "[crickets]." Nick fell behind while hunting for a hair salon, and he and Don fell to last place. Nate and Jen concluded that they didn't like each other at all, which may or may not have an impact on their decision to remain a romantic couple. I mean, it doesn't sound like it would be a fun relationship, but then, every trashcan finds its lid, right? Jennifer almost got herself and Shana flattened by a bus, but didn't. Instead, they were flattened by their performance in the leg. Well, and by the toll taken by their combined one hundred and twelve years of hard living, but: not the point. Shana and Jennifer came in last and were eliminated, saving Nick and Don for another week. Six teams left. Who will be

Credits. TK looks like he's about to drop Rachel off the front of that bike.

Commercials. Eddie Murphy's donkey voice is the new "Unwritten."

Vilnius! ("'Vilnius'? ...'Mulva'?") Phil is delicious in a blue plaid shirt and jeans as he stands in front of the pit-stop windmill and explains that this was the fifth pit stop. We get one more little shot of the despised Travelocity gnome as Phil wonders whether -- get this -- Nate can "change his behavior under stress and convince Jen that he's the guy for her in the long run." Did we get a ruling on the field that Nate is supposed to be proving himself to Jen? Has Nate's behavior under stress been their issue? As opposed to the fact that she freaks out like Yosemite Sam (tm spacecitymarc) every time anything goes wrong? We spy on TK and Rachel as they apparently enjoy a pit-stop opportunity to peek at the Travelocity web site and look at how great Japan is going to be. It's pretty gross, but the fact that they are sitting there with the gnome between them makes it downright unsettling, like you can see them going to bed later, and she's purring, "Bring the gnome," and now I grossed myself out, because that's unsanitary. And unsafe, because that hat is pointy. "Thank you, Travelocity!" says TK, and now his soul has the munchies.

1:00 AM. Here go TK and Rachel. The clue tells them to fly to Dubrovnik, Croatia, which TK pronounces reasonably well, except that he emphasizes "DUB" and not "ROV." Phil says that this is about 900 miles, so for a TAR opening flight, not terribly far. Upon landing, they'll go to the base of the Fort Of St. Lawrence, where a clue awaits.

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