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Again with the racing

Chip and Reichen make it onto a shuttle with their bags, and they meet up with Kelly and Jon. Introductions. Shortly after the shuttle leaves, Sheree and Monica come running up while it's stopped. Jon, however, tells the driver insistently not to let them on, but to go. "No, no, no, no, absolutely not!" Granted, the doors were closed already, but in any normal situation, I think there's a good chance that a shuttle driver will let you on when that happens. So I do think Jon got the driver to pull away, leaving Monica and Sheree standing on the curb. Either Chip or Reichen, incidentally, is participating in this as well. Once they pull away, Kelly sagely says to Jon, "That's going to come back around to you, buddy. Karma." Given that she understands this, I hope she's in charge of tipping cab drivers. He looks unconcerned. Back at the curb, Monica and Sheree are not happy at all.

Josh and DadSteve run into a guy and ask him for directions to the SwissAir terminal. The guy points. "How far?" Josh asks. "About a half mile," the guy says. Oops. "I thought you knew where we were going," says DadSteve. Yeah. Not so much. Drop and give me twenty!

At the terminal, here come Millie and Chuck and Al and ClownJon. The clowns run to SwissAir, while Millie and Chuck choose Lufthansa. To his credit, ClownJon checks to see which flight gets in earlier. The helpful ticket agent informs him that her SwissAir flight gets in forty minutes before the Lufthansa flight, so they're good. Again, they cackle over this entirely too much. They will never keep up this pace of cackling for thirteen legs. To show his gratitude to the ticket agent, ClownJon balances his clue on his nose. He really needs to not do that. ["I thought that was kind of cool. No, don't get up; I'll fire myself." -- Sars] At least Al laughs. Incredibly amused at himself, ClownJon tries hard for a few more laughs, gets polite indulgence, and then blessedly shuts his yap. Already, I am pretty much clowned out.

Millie and Chuck are at Lufthansa. Right behind them are Amanda and Chris, so Millie asks if they can get on as well. The agent assures them that she can get both teams on the flight. Outside, the shuttle pulls up carrying Kelly and Jon as well as Chip and Reichen. Kelly and Jon go to SwissAir; Chip and Reichen head for Lufthansa. Also running for the terminal, though from much further away, are Josh and DadSteve. All is well for Kelly and BuffJon at SwissAir, as they land in line behind ClownJon and Al. Hot on the heels of all these teams are Monica and Sheree, who are just arriving on the same shuttle as Dave and AirSteve.

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