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Elsewhere, David and Jeff are reading the pit stop clue. Despite the fact that it tells them to make their way to the pit stop, they spot a red and yellow flag at the bottom of the hill, which turns out to be the location of the snowmobiles from the other Detour option. They run to the flag, and despite the fact that the clue does not say to take a snowmobile, and despite the fact that they presumably saw the Detour explanation that talked about taking the snowmobiles as part of the other option, they try to take one. "You cannot have it," says the guy guarding it. So David goes to the next snowmobile. Yeah, that's likely -- you can't have that one, but you can have the next one in the row. "No snowmobile," says the snowmobile guard. They voice over that they were confused by this, because they thought they were supposed to use the snowmobiles. Not rocket scientists, these boys.

Tian and Jaree do the zip line, followed by Debra and Steve.

David and Jeff are making their way along the hike to the pit stop, having finally stopped obsessing over the snowmobiles. "Having run a few marathons, I think this was more grueling than a marathon," one of them says. I guess the reason I'm glad they pointed that out is that I've seen quite a lot of comments this week to the effect that it was obvious that some of these people had no business being cast, because they could barely walk, were so out-of-shape, blah dee blah. I'm not sure adequate weight (heh) was given to the fact that this was an incredibly difficult leg physically, and being knocked around by it hardly makes you a candidate for a nursing home. In fact, I would say that completing it -- even slowly -- means that you aren't really in all that miserable of a physical state. Anyway, whichever of these guys it is points out that at this altitude, this hike was very hard on the lungs.

Debra and Steve ride the zip line. "Now, I just saw the girls. They're not hellaciously far ahead of us," Steve tells her.

Up ahead, Tian and Jaree are working their way along the hike. "Jaree!" Tian yells, as Jaree asks for a minute to catch her breath. "What is wrong with you? Let's go!"

Amazing Mat. Here come Chip and Reichen, checked in as team number nine. They high-five and hug.

Back with Tian and Jaree, Tian is trying to get her to keep walking. "Don't give up," she says. "I'm not givin' up, it's just too much cardio for me in one day," Jaree says. Heh. They keep trudging. "That's what twenty years of smoking does," Jaree complains as she gasps for breath. Twenty years? When did she start smoking, anyway? Sheesh. "My heart was coming out of my chest," she voices over. "That's, like, the hardest thing I ever did." See what I mean? You don't have to be a couch potato to be flattened by this thing.

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