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Again with the racing

Monica and Sheree struggle with The Worst Fast Forward Ever. (Okay, The Second Worst.) They finally reach the top and grab the clue that will send them to the pit stop at the hotel. In the cab on the way there, they say that they're hoping to beat the other teams who were on the first bus, so that they'll be the first-place team. Not that being the first-place team at the end of the first leg has much meaning, which is part of why you don't use your Fast Forward this way. Sigh.

Currently in first place are Millie and Chuck, who are now hopping off the chair lift and looking for the members of their new alliance, which now includes not only Amanda and Chris but also Josh and Steve. When Chris and Amanda catch up, they decide to wait for the guys, who are still coming down the lift. What's more, they take care of lining up cabs. Nice.

AirSteve and Dave, having completed the bridge and zip line, are making their way very slowly down the hill to the clue box -- you'll remember that Millie and Chuck stumbled their way down this hill, so it's obviously quite hard to navigate. As they walk, Dave takes a bad step and goes down hard. He lands on his butt, which is good, but he's immediately aware that he's screwed up his knee, which is not good. He tells AirSteve that for the moment, his knee isn't so much into the bending. "We're gonna call the real search and rescue," AirSteve says darkly.

Commercials. Who knew deodorant could be life-threatening in a sci-fi kind of way?

Back in the mountains, Dave and AirSteve persevere. Dave says that he needs a rest for his knee. I'm surprised not to see them packing snow around it -- wouldn't that make it feel a little bit better? Maybe not. They eventually start inching down the hill, and Dave tells AirSteve that it "hurts like hell." "You're doing great," AirSteve says in response. They finish the first segment of the hike and start walking along a little road, and AirSteve encourages Dave to lean on his shoulder. "No, I'm fine, man." "Just lean on my shoulder," AirSteve says. "Please?" "Stop it," Dave says. Hee.

In the Josh and Steve cab, Josh is saying how blown away he was by the fact that Millie and Chuck and Chris and Amanda waited for them with cabs. "I love those people, man," he says. The three teams pull up at the pit stop hotel. They all approach a waiting Phil together. They all step up together. And then all six of them step on the mat. Yuck. I hate ties. Boo, ties! Phil informs all of them that they are team number one. BOOOO! Moreover, he tells them that they've all -- yes, all -- won a vacation to Hawaii from American Airlines. That just seems ridiculous. No one should get the vacation, because this is Communism, I tell you. The greeter, as usual, is adorable.

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