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Monica and Sheree call a taxi, as do Russell and Cindy, Jon and Al, and Kelly and Jon. Hmm -- no buses this time, as there were with the first four teams. I wonder if they missed the buses, or if the other people could have gotten taxis instead. It's interesting. Monica and Sheree's taxi takes at least a bit of time to arrive, and by the time it gets there, they've talked themselves into the Fast Forward. Nooooooo! Sigh.

Chris and Amanda are making their way up the mountain on the hike. She's lagging behind. He stops and turns to look at her. "Come on, Flo," he says. Oooh, burn. And also, heeeee hee. "I'm really tired," Amanda says, and stops for a break. She can tell this is going to set him off. "I'm coming," she says. "You're stopped. You're not coming," he insists. "Dude, if you yell at me again, I'm going to fucking die," she says. "All right, whatever. Like that's going to help a lot." And he keeps walking. "Like your yelling is helping me, fucking jerk," she says. As Sars pointed out, I think that if he had left her alone, she would have caught her breath and kept going, so I think he totally overreacted. Incidentally, according to the CBS site footage, there was more to this fight, including Amanda expanding the Flo callback by suggesting that Chris "throw [his] helmet like a baby." She voices over that she's oversensitive and he's overcritical -- I'd actually say they're both just very volatile and need to learn to give it a minute before they get into one of those bicker sessions, because the rest of the time, they seem to do all right. Chris explains in an interview that he was mostly disappointed by the fact that he and Amanda had been in first place, and then Chuck and Millie passed them like they were standing still. Amanda explains that this was because she was standing still. "Amanda, move your ass, please," he says to her, back on the mountain. She starts walking again.

Chuck and Millie, on the other hand, are giving each other a lot of "Go, you!" as they climb. "Millie is fast," Chuck says. And then, surely not appreciating how this will look next to their little "Virgins" label, he says, "She's good at lighting a fire under me."

At Fast Forward station (booo!), Monica and Sheree get their snowshoes (booo!) and take off on the Fast Forward (booo!).

Millie and Chuck and Chris and Amanda make it to the chair lift and climb aboard. On the chair lift, Chris says to Amanda, in a way that sounds pretty sincere to me, "I'm sorry, dude." (Hee. I always think guys who call their girlfriends "dude" are funny, at least in the abstract.) "It's okay, I just feel lousy," she says. "Well, I do, too," he says. "I feel like shit." "And when I feel lousy, it's hard for me to work," she says. He voices over that "sometimes [his] bickering is just way too much," but goes on to say with a chuckle that "if it helps her pull her head out of her rear, then [he's] all for the bickering." "Look how beautiful this is," she says on the lift. He responds, "Just think, I spent, like, half an hour yelling at your ass instead of, like, being able to enjoy this." To me, the way he's rubbing his hair when he makes this comment is a submissive gesture, and the whole thing reads like an acknowledgement that it was a fairly stupid fight on both their parts, which it was. "Yep," she says, and they look at each other. He blows her a kiss. It's open to interpretation, but I actually read that as a reasonably healthy exchange, in that they had the fight, but then they talked about the fight, and they seemed to be okay. It's early yet, but that whole thing didn't put me off too much.

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