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The four teams walk toward the task, which means a walk downhill, followed by a fairly steep section going uphill to the bridge. The first ones there are Chris and Amanda, although Millie is quite resolutely marching up the hill right behind them. Chris claims that because of his fear of heights, he didn't look down while he was on the bridge, although he certainly appears to be looking down while he does it. He encourages Amanda as she comes, and he tells her that Millie's right behind her, so the faster she goes, the faster they can all get done. In other words, pretty good partner stuff.

Millie is next to go, and appears to have something approaching nerves of steel. I kind of dig her, even though I'm still flummoxed by the passivity of her whole "I'm waiting around for him to propose" thing. That's pretty much the only thing holding me back from adopting her at this point. Chuck follows right after her.

Chris and Amanda hike their way up toward the zip line part of the task, and when they get there, she's the first to go across. You know, they've done a lot of things on this show, but this really would scare the crap out of me. I would have absolutely no trouble visualizing myself in pieces in the snow at the bottom of the ravine. In fact, I think I see my appendix right now. "Nice!" Chris yells, and then he follows. Millie screams the whole way across. "Yeah, Millie!" Chris yells to her from the other side. Chuck follows. I'm starting to think of Chuck as Millie's Eleventh Toe or something. He just doesn't even register except in that he's attached to her, but she's kind of interesting.

Here are Josh and DadSteve, crossing the cable bridge. As Steve tears it up, Josh comments that his dad is making him look bad, which is true. Steve looks highly unintimidated by the bridge. Josh comments that his dad is his hero, because his dad is strong and has great will. Which is nice, or would be, if I liked anything about either of them at this point.

Amanda and Chris have hit the hike down the mountain after the zip line is completed. "Come on, hurry up," he's saying to her. They get to a new clue box that directs them to the pit stop, by way of what Phil himself calls "a grueling hike" back to the chair lifts. Don't forget, incidentally, that this is also a grueling hike at a hellishly high altitude. This is probably, in other words, one of the most physically demanding legs these teams will see on the race. Once they've done the hike, they need to get back into Cortina and find the Hotel Lajadira, a ski lodge that will be this leg's luxurious pit stop. Our first shot of the Amazing Mat this season reveals that it has been remade so that on the black rectangle in the middle, there's a world map. Nice! Can I have the old mat for my apartment?

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