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Up in the room, IndianaSteve is...crying? Huh? "This is not exactly the way I intended it, but...I get to sleep with three guys," Debra says, trying to act cheerful. She explains in a voice-over that Steve was mad at himself, because he knew that Debra was unhappy about not having their own room, or about him blowing it, or something. In the end, of course, they got a room and saved half the price, so he basically did a good thing for them, as it turned out, and nothing bad happened, which is why this meltdown from him strikes me as sort of strange. "You're so cute," she says gently, reaching over and brushing what there is of his hair out of his eyes. "She's my main focus," Steve says, trying to explain in a voice-over why this made him so upset. She eventually kisses him on the head, and she tells him she loves him, and it's all very nice, but...I'm having a problem with that bit back in the lobby where she had to announce to the entire group that he was the one who didn't get them the room earlier. If she knows he reacts with this much pain when he knows she's unhappy, why would she do that? It didn't strike me till the second time I saw it, but that's why their vibe is weird to me. She's sweet to him, but she also sort of set him up for this situation, even if not consciously, you know?

Out on the streets of Milan, Russell and Cindy are foregoing the hotel room and trying out the idea of sleeping outside. See? Thank You For Not Sissying. Russell decides to ask a nearby cop whether sleeping on the bench is all right. What he actually asks, though, is whether waiting for a bus on the bench is all right. After the cop tells them yes, Cindy points out to him that although hanging out on the bench is all right, the cop may not like it when they whip out sleeping bags and fall asleep. She's right, I think; if you're going to bother asking permission, you have to ask for permission for what you're actually about to do. Otherwise, it's not worth much. She interviews that Russell can be "touchy...temper...a little bit...just slightly." Next thing we know, they're in the process of hunkering down for the night, but they're still bickering. Sarcastically, he says, "Hey, dumb-ass, it's out of respect you ask them. Do you want to ask them to come snuggle with us?" I'm sorry, did he just call her "dumb-ass"? Gee, I can sure understand why she's so infatuated with him. He does seem like quite a catch. After all, it's hard to find a guy who will call you a dumb-ass, especially when you're right. She comes back with, "If you want to talk about respect, why don't you try using it?" He then voices over that they need to work on "communication." Oh, yeah. He's on the list.

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