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The first team to find a ticket is Cindy and Russell, and Cindy grabs it right away without looking at it. You can, by the way, see the time on the ticket by looking before you grab, so there's no luck involved in this task, really -- these teams would have had time to find all three of the sets of tickets, I think, and still had time to claim the earliest ones. Kelly and Jon come up behind and also grab a ticket without looking. And what tickets have the four of them grabbed? Ones for the 4:00 AM departure. They're lucky it wasn't the 6:00. That would've been even more amusing to the part of me that likes to see perky people experience hardships. Which is, after all, most of me. Russell interviews that they had no idea whether the 4:00 AM was first, last, or middle -- so of course, they took it. Hmm. Kelly, in her interview, is smart enough to blame herself for yanking the ticket without looking, which she now recognizes was a dumb move.

Amanda and Chris are also looking. They find the 4:00 AM tickets, too, but she calls it "a sucky time," so she wants to go look for a better one. They take off.

Millie and Chuck show up, and she urges him to read the clue quickly, because Amanda and Chris are waiting for them. At least I think that's what she means by, "Go faster, Chuck, they're waiting," although I suppose she could also mean, "Propose to me; my family is getting antsy." Al and Jon look for their tickets, too. When ClownJon finds the 4:00 AM tickets, he pulls one of them right away, so they've also landed on the middle bus unnecessarily.

Millie and Chuck's proven patience pays off as they find the 2:00 AM tickets hiding in a very small space between a couple of pieces of wall. Boy, that's tough to spot. They grab the clue and decide to go get Amanda and Chris and share the wealth. Millie voices over that Chris and Amanda are "fun to hang around with." I love that the virgin and the girl with the "Devil" shirt are friends. Heh. The four of them bop back over to the 2:00 AM tickets so Chris and Amanda can fetch theirs. Note that although Chris and Amanda benefited from the friendship here, they also benefited from not grabbing the 4:00 AM ticket, so they do deserve some credit. As Chris shows the 2:00 AM ticket to the camera, Amanda grins and does a little bouncy dance. Aw, I love a little bouncy dance.

Josh and DadSteve, and then Dave and AirSteve, show up and start looking for tickets.

Back at the Milan airport, the KLM flight is finally landing. Everybody runs through the airport, but as Debra runs up the jetway, she completely racks herself and lands facedown on the ground. As she lies sprawled on the floor, Tian and Jaree run by her without, it appears, so much as a cursory "You okay?" -- which really wouldn't have slowed their asses down all that much, so it would have been nice to see. "I'm okay," she says, picking herself up. As she catches up with IndianaSteve and they start through the airport, she mutters, "I'd like to say I was tripped, but I wasn't." Heh.

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