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Out on the highway, Kelly and Jon are out in the lead in their taxi, and glad to be so. Kelly mentions that she and Jon have both been to Milan before. (As always, contestants should exercise caution in describing their travel experiences, lest they be accused of having lived everywhere for two years.) Cindy and Russell are next, and she's trying to egg on the taxi driver in a way that she thinks is cute and funny, but that I would find very irritating, like being stuck on an airplane next to an overcaffeinated college cheerleader. DadSteve, meanwhile, takes the time to remark that he and Josh are in Italy, and he voices over that he's not traveled out of the country before, so that part of it will be more difficult for him. Elsewhere, Al and ClownJon are talking about fitting twenty-five clowns into a Volkswagen, and rather than make one of the many, many actually funny jokes that situation suggests, ClownJon goes with, "Oh, and it was so funny when somebody passed gas, wasn't it?" Good grief. GET. THE. HOOK. Al interviews about how they'll use their senses of humor to their advantage. Hmm -- good luck with that.

Dave and AirSteve are unsuccessfully trying to negotiate with a cabbie for a lower fare. No hurry, after all.

Kelly and Jon hop out of their cab at the Galleria. She thanks the cab driver profusely on her way out of the cab -- yay! -- and they run inside. They reach the box and pull the clue. It tells them, as Phil explains, that they have to search the Galleria for tickets on one of three charter buses. (The Galleria, by the way, is a big pedestrian mall.) The buses leave at 2:00 AM, 4:00 AM, and 6:00 AM, though the teams aren't told this part; they're just told that the three buses leave at different times. The tickets are hidden around the public areas of the Galleria, and they're marked on the outside with which time they leave. Of course, you have no way of immediately knowing how good the first tickets you find may be, since you don't know what the three times are. The other rule is that once you claim a ticket, you can't change to a different one. Kelly and Jon take off looking, followed closely by Cindy and Russell.

BuffJon asks a merchant if she has the tickets, but before he knows it, Kelly is yelling that the tickets are "right here," and she's even calling him an idiot. Nice. Turns out what she found was a place to get train tickets. Oooh, who's the idiot now, Sparky? That's gotta hurt.

Chris and Amanda show up and read their clue.

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