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Again with the racing

As they leave to go to the KLM terminal, Monica and Sheree chat about what just happened to them. "Cheaters never win," one of them says to the other. "And they cheated." I'm not going with "cheated," but I'll take "acted like jerks, not to mention idiots."

En route to the KLM line, an unhappy Chip and Reichen are walking purposefully. I bet this is exactly how they would look in an ad for a Columbus Day sale at JC Penney. I bet they could really move polo shirts. Debra and IndianaSteve are off to KLM as well. David and Jeff are the first to check in at KLM, while outside the airport, Tian and Jaree are just parking the SUV and unpacking their gear. They're talking about how there's nothing they could have done about the car. There's presumably something they could have done about needing directions given to them three times, of course. "Don't even irritate me right now," Jaree snots. "You need to relax, it's okay," Tian says. "Oh, my God, Tian," Jaree grumps as she stomps off with her backpack. Boy, they're lovely individuals. And what are those names, anyway? Designer Imposter perfumes? "If you like White Diamonds, you'll love Jaree." Whatever.

The SwissAir flight is the first to leave, and it carries ClownJon and Al, BuffJon and Kelly, DadSteve and PunkAssJosh, and AirSteve and Dave. They all look very happy. "It's a huge advantage," Josh (I think) punks. Yep. For one leg, kiddo, until the next bunch, so enjoy it while it lasts.

On the Lufthansa flight, we have Amanda and Chris, Millie and Chuck, and Russell and Cindy.

The KLM flight is getting ready to leave. David and Jeff are approached by Chip and Reichen, who propose an alliance to "share information." Boy, that'll be quite a devastating conflagration of pure brainpower. At the gate, meanwhile, Tian is proposing that she and Jaree need to get rid of some crap, because there's too much in the packs. "Just let me deal with my pack, all right?" Jaree grumps, playing Eve to Tian's Heather in the riveting drama, At Least We Didn't Take The Donkey-Dive. ["Yet." -- Sars] When Debra and Steve arrive, Steve can't help noticing that they are surrounded by a bunch of young and buff types, so you'd think they'd will have to hope it's not an incredibly physically intense leg. (Sigh.) Monica and Sheree, meanwhile, mention that they would appreciate some luck, in the form of one of the other planes being delayed or something. The KLM flight finally departs, taking with it David and Jeff, Debra and Steve, Monica and Sheree, Chip and Reichen, and Tian and Jaree. On the plane, Sheree says she's praying, and she hopes her prayers will be answered. God? Yep, Still in the tub. And getting kind of pruny, too.

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