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At the Lufthansa counter, controversy is brewing. Chip and Reichen have approached a different ticket agent than the one who was talking to Millie and Chuck, and have asked to be put on the list for the Lufthansa flight. Of course, the other agent has already promised the last pair of tickets to Amanda and Chris -- who probably should have hustled themselves right to the open desk, incidentally, rather than waiting in line behind Millie and Chuck. But at any rate, Chip and Reichen try to get onto the flight, and the other teams catch on to what's happening at the other end of the counter. Millie rather assertively tells her agent that Amanda and Chris were in line before the boys, and should be the team to get the last tickets. After some stalling, the first agent tells the second that she has already promised all the tickets, so the boys are out of luck. I sense that Millie is not to be trifled with. An unhappy Chip and Reichen leave to check on the situation at SwissAir, as David and Jeff observe from a few feet away. Chris leans over and kisses a happy and relieved Amanda on the cheek. She squeezes her eyes shut and grins. David asks the ticket agent the way to KLM -- he's apparently decided that it's time to take the safety backup flight, even though, as far as we know, SwissAir still has two pairs of tickets. When Steve and Debra show up, Chris and Amanda pass the bad news to them as well, so they head for SwissAir.

At SwissAir, Kelly and BuffJon are just finishing up their booking. Just behind them are Josh and DadSteve. Josh figures that if Kelly and BuffJon are on, then he and DadSteve are probably okay, too. Behind Josh and his dad are Monica and Sheree, Chip and Reichen, and Dave and AirSteve, in that order. At this point, Josh voices over that he noticed that Dave and AirSteve were wearing air traffic controller hats, so he assumed that it would be great to be in an alliance with them. He goes to the back of the line and tells them that if there are tickets available after he and DadSteve get theirs, he'll "call [them] up" to the front of the line. That doesn't seem kosher to me at all in a leg where the clue said "first come, first served." But sure enough, when Josh gets up to the front of the line, he finds two sets of tickets, and says he wants both. Monica, behind him, says, "No, no, wait, wait, wait." Josh turns around much too fast and condescendingly says to her, "I'm sorry, it's a race," a line that's completely uncalled for in that situation. You can just save your "let me educate you that there's no handholding" lecture for someone who actually deserves it, you presumptuous little prick. It appears to me, with this and the "there's a lot of walking" thing earlier, Josh has decided to appoint himself Guy Who Understands The Race When Others Do Not. And he shows no signs of actually being such Guy. Shut up, Josh.

Anyway. Monica and Sheree, pissed as all hell, leave the line and head for KLM. "Don't say shit to me right now," says Sheree, as they take off. You want to see some self-satisfied smirking, by the way, you can take your eyes right off Amanda in that previous scene and move them to these four guys, because DadSteve and Josh in particular are inordinately pleased with themselves, and inordinately amused at Monica and Sheree being pissed off. They? Are on the list. Josh smirkingly congratulates himself for how obviously brilliant it is to get in an alliance with air traffic controllers, because they'll be great at the airport. What miracles Josh thinks they'll be able to work in the future when they weren't able -- or even trying -- to work any in this situation, I'm not sure. I mean, after all, they're at the airport right now, and he just had to bail their asses out. Working the airport has never come down to being a genius about the technical aspects of air traffic -- it's about getting people to help you. Good grief, I don't think Kevin knew any more about planes than he did about hair care, and he worked miracles in airports, because people wanted to help him. Same with Danny and Oswald. Not one of these guys, on the other hand, appears to have anything resembling interpersonal skills of that nature. AirSteve recaps what just happened, and says, "We sort of shuffled in front of people who were waiting in line." He pauses and shrugs. "Oh, well." Yeah, they're on the list, too.

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