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The teams have to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo, Sri Lanka, with most teams taking a direct flight departing at 11:00. Except Brendon & Rachel, who get to the travel agency too late and thus risk a thirty-minute connection in Singapore; and Margie & Luke, who decide to try getting on the main flight via standby. Despite dropping their Amazing Purse and having to run back for it, Team Big Brother makes the connection and gets a jump on everyone else while Team ASL ends up stranded in Kuala Lumpur overnight. But it doesn't do Brendon & Rachel much good, because there's an overnight bunch at a temple in Colombo that allows all of the other teams to catch up -- except, of course, for Margie & Luke, who are some ten hours behind. It's going to be hard to make that up.

After a blessing at the temple, the teams take a train to Galle and survive a hair-raising three-wheel tuk-tuk ride to a Detour where they either fish from stilts over the surf or learn a folk dance that also includes spinning disks on poles. The teams split pretty evenly on that choice, with Dave & Connor finishing the fishing first and the Globetrotters becoming the first to complete the dance correctly, followed by the Afghanimals. Jessica & John are skunked while fishing and switch tasks, while the lead teams move on to a Roadblock where they have to use sewing machines to stitch together a shirt at one of Sri Lanka's garment factories. That's also where Brendon & Rachel's Speed Bump ends up being, as they have to silkscreen a layer of color onto t-shirts of the Sri Lankan flag. They quickly catch up to the other teams, because it turns out that none of them have much experience or skill when it comes to operating a sewing machine. Connor finishes the Roadblock first, allowing him and Dave to win another leg, with the country singers close behind. But other teams are still stuck there while Margie & Luke steadily narrow the gap.

While Jet & Cord get to the mat in third, and the Afghanimals are fourth despite Leo's time-consuming clowning, Flight Time puts on a little basketball show for the workers. The next teams out of there are Jessica & John, Brendon & Rachel, and finally the Globetrotters, though the latter team beats Team Big Brother to the mat. And by the time Margie & Luke make it to the mat in last place, it's dark outside and the leg is long over. But they take their Philimination pretty well. Probably because they had the whole day to prepare themselves emotionally for it.

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