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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

Tom and Terry are on the way to Terelj, but they're not really sure they're doing it correctly. Rob is apparently taking a special route, and he's making Kimberly nervous, but he tells her not to worry her little head -- "That's why I'm on the race with you, honey." Ick. Kellie and Jamie? Still looking for directions. Uh-oh. Map. Before. You Go. Seriously.

Now arriving at the temple: the *wins, the *lyns, and the addict/model twins. (Woot! Watch me go!) They observe the performance.

Peter and Sarah are in first place on the way to Terelj. So what that means is that they've managed to pass up all three of the teams that got the temple clue ahead of them, and they did it by taking the conservative, slow route of stopping for a map and some advice before they left. That's how you do it, I think, when you're not in a populated area where you can just yell out the window. In Paris, feel free to just ask directions at the bakery, but in Outer Mongolia? Yeah, you want to stop at the Expeditions counter and get the guy to give you a clue, or you're going to be rolling down your window and trying to figure out what language the cows speak. Right behind Peter and Sarah are Dustin and Kandice and David and Mary. Six people, and the only one I really don't like is Peter. Good ratio, that. Mary pats Fern's arm. "You help us so much," she says. I'm surprised she doesn't add "bless your heart."

Old Masked Man gives the clue to the *wins/*lyns/twins. Tyler says the dance was "really far out," but he was distracted by knowing they were dragging at the back of the pack. If they saw the Jeeps, he'd indeed logically know that, of course. *lyns and *wins ask for directions before they leave. The *lyns pick up a guy who comes a little way with them on the trip, and he, too, is a native English speaker who knows what they need to do. He doesn't go far, but he goes until he's confident they know where they're supposed to go, which is probably all they need. Lyn says that this was an "angel," which is what you get if you ask God to send you one. How handy. Maybe I'll ask for a cat. Will I get a holy cat, then? It's an interesting question.

At an entry point in Terelj, Terry hops out and tells the guy managing the booth that he's looking for some horses. He demonstrates this with a lovely pantomime of horseback riding. The wacky music suggests that he is off his nut, but he does get a guy who vaguely instructs him to take a left. I'm not sure the guy has the slightest idea what Terry wants, but if a guy is doing a galloping routine and keeping you from getting your work done, your options are limited. And just saying "left" might make him leave. Lyn and Karlyn, meanwhile, aren't sure they're at the right fork that their angel told them to take, and the Pointies are hitting a dead end, which Rob is hearing plenty about from Kimberly. "You were absolutely 100 percent right; I screwed it up," he says, not nasty at all -- he's totally taking it. And with that, he cements his position as not at all like some of the assholes who have yelled at their girlfriends in previous seasons. He may be the most obnoxious guy in this race, but if you threw him into some of the previous ones, he'd be your goodwill ambassador. I mean, Jonathan Baker's id is spitting right now, like, "I don't know why that guy lets his girlfriend push him around." Kellie and Jamie, too, are quite lost.

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