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Can Horses Smell Fear?

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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

Peter and Sarah and Duke and Lauren seem to be together on a back-roads route that has not paid off.

Jamie and Kellie, Tom and Terry, and the Pointies are the three teams present for the first performance at the temple. We learn that Jamie and Kellie have never been out of the country, so this is like their first exposure to international cheerleading. In the performance at the temple, there is dancing, there are costumes, and there is a guy in a mask who looks like he could be an old person in Star Wars. He is the one who delivers their clue. The teams learn that they have to take an old Russian military jeep 43 miles to Terelj, where they'll go to "the riverbed." There, they'll get on horses and ride two and a half miles "led by a Mongolian nomad" to a clue. This instantly made me think they were going to get there and start walking up to these poor guys, like, "Nomad? Are you a nomad? I'm looking for a Mongolian nomad!" And, of course, that at some point, we would inevitably hear, "What is a Mongolian nomad, baby?" The three lead teams get going, and Kimberly razzes Pointy Rob about grinding the gears, and he explains that he's not -- that's just what the damn thing sounds like. Yep, this is the angry little clown car of the season, and it's going to be trouble. Jamie and Kellie are finding the navigating very confusing, not to mention the vehicle.

Peter and Sarah arrive at the temple along with Duke and Lauren. Finally, the back roads have led to somewhere. Also: Dustin and Kandice and David and Mary, none of whom were shown leaving, so they left no earlier than seventh and eighth, meaning Tyler and James have vanished, and some of the rear guard out of the airport caught up to the "shortcut"-cursed leaders. In fact, we check in on Tyler and James, who learn that their driver has taken them to the wrong place. Oops. Elsewhere, four more teams -- Peter/Sarah, Duke/Lauren, Dustin/Kandice, and David/Mary -- collect their clue from Yoda's grandfather. Duke and Lauren take off hoping to get directions, while Peter and Sarah stop in at Mongolian Expeditions to get a map and some idea of what they're doing. Probably a good move. Dustin and Kandice find themselves a native English speaker who knows where they need to go, which seems to be quite the stroke of luck. David and Mary, in seventh place, locate a Fern who smiles and puts out his cigarette, agreeing to take them to Terelj. Really? He's going 43 miles with them? How is he getting back? This seems to be slightly above and beyond, to me. Mary impulsively hugs their Fern in the Jeep. (Kimberly, in a hypothetical similar situation: "I am positive you can get diseases from that.")

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