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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

At any rate, the second bus arrives at the train station, and it turns out that everyone is going to be on the same train, so that particular division certainly wasn't worth much. "We're excited that now there's an even playing field again," Tom says. Everyone waves goodbye to China, and the Amazing Map shows us that the Amazing Yellow Line is making its way from Erenhoth to Ulaanbaatar, in Mongolia. The AYL is amusingly squiggly, like they want you to understand that this ain't Amtrak, and some of the going is rough. Look at the poor AYL! Look how he must swerve! Looking out the window of the train, Tyler makes the point that in his normal life, he probably wouldn't find himself touring Mongolia. In a clip from their pre-race interview, he says that his "wake-up call" about his addiction was his third arrest, when he figured out that it was die, wind up in jail, or get treatment. And then become a model and go on a reality show, which is how becoming addicted to drugs turns out to have been all part of Tyler's secret plan to get somebody to finance a trip to Mongolia. Well played, Tyler. Well played.

Now, we are in Ulaanbaatar. The teams pile off the train, and Peter and Sarah are the first to get into a taxi and tell the driver that they need to go to the temple. Duke and Lauren are right behind, but their drivers both seem to have a special idea of how to go. The Pointies are in third, and unappealingly, Kimberly is looking out the window and gets splashed a little, causing her to say, "Oh! Dirty water... can we get diseases from that?" For God's sake, lady. I understand not gulping glasses of unfamiliar water unless you know what you're doing, but people do live and walk around in other countries. If you approach the world with the attitude that you won't touch anything unless you have your Purell with you, you're not going to enjoy this process very much. It's also a little rude to sit in the cab and be like, "Excuse me, but do all the puddles have disease-inducing parasites in your country?" Tyler and James leave fourth, but their driver also goes a different way from the Pointies, which makes the boys very nervous. Kellie and Jamie leave fifth, and they're just happy to cheer for their driver. Tom and Terry are next, and they're looking nervous. Jamie explains that she and Kellie had someone write down the name of the temple for them to give to their driver. "That's going to help us get ahead, she says. She turns out to be right, because they are indeed the first to get to the temple, despite leaving fifth, and they learn that the performances are happening every ten minutes. Next to the spot are Tom and Terry. Interesting! It's like everyone got here just in time for the over-the-top enthusiasm annual meeting. HappyCon! The Pointies arrive next, and Kimberly seems not to have any diseases quite yet. But stay tuned!

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