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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

9:56 PM. Kellie and Jamie. Their interview is very generic, talking about how they "motivate each other to do better." They're not unlikable, for cheerleaders, but they're not particularly relatable, either. There's not much personality emerging just yet, except for "Yay!" Which isn't personality, so much as a disorder. They are the first to sign up for the 2:00 AM bus, which the A(AM!)s slag them about a little bit. It's nice that guys who have been through rough times still know how to rub it in when somebody else finds misfortune.

10:02 PM. Erwin and Godwin. Okay, actually, the caption says "7:02 PM," but it's safe to say that unless their assorted graduate degrees have enabled them to bend time, it means "10:02 PM." The *wins (tm EEFP spacecitymarc, brutally not credited in last week's recap) give a little interview about how it's a game, but it's also about building relationships. Ack, are they taking the Survivor alliance-building approach? That only leads to trouble. They are second on the 2:00 AM bus.

10:13 PM. Tom and Terry. Their little headlamps are not on, which makes them a bit less valuable, and I do not like the way the guys look into the camera and say, "Amaaaaaazing." I feel weird about looking at behavior that sort of fits a lot of nasty stereotypes and being like, "Man, that bugs," but... that totally bugs. It's strange -- I sort of dislike them instinctively, and it's freaking me out, because if it's because of the affect, then I'm displeased with myself, you know? At any rate, Tom says that they haven't really traveled together, so this will be new for them, trying to make decisions "as a couple."

10:19 PM. Lyn and Karlyn. Karlyn interviews that she wants to do the race in order to make her daughter proud of her. It's a good goal, that.

10:29 PM. David and Mary, bringing up the rear. Their matching outfits are not a good development at all, especially since now, they're wearing an unattractive green color. It's a little like they're part of some kind of Kermit fandom. David wants to run a little on the way to the bus, but Mary doesn't see the point, since they're last and they're going to wind up on a bus with a bunch of other people. I have to say, I kind of agree with her in this specific instance. You could argue the "always race; you never know" thing, but in this case, it's awfully unlikely to matter. Like, at all. David tells us that Mary is so "blunt" that she would happily tell off the President, and if he can tell me when that might happen, I will certainly be the first in line to buy a ticket. And popcorn. And a foam finger that says "Mary Is #1." Along with Lyn and Karlyn, David and Mary sign up for the second bus. It's interesting that in both this bunch and last week's airplane bunch, they went for a single two-tier system, where often, past bunches of this kind have had at least three groups/buses/planes, which tends to make the ending less suspenseful, because there are only two or three teams slugging it out to stay in.

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