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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

Tom is taking a while to get good with the arrows, but once he does, he's all right, and he finally hits it. They hit the mat and say, "Tawwk to us," they say to Phil. "I'll tawwwk to ya," Phil says back. Ha! "You're team numb-ah faww." Oh, Phil. You scamp. Kimberly takes the Roadblock for her team. Dustin takes it for her team. Kimberly and Rob almost immediately start yelling at each other, and this one appears to be her fault, as far as the escalation to yelling. David takes the Roadblock for himself and Mary. Dave's first shot is no good. Other shots follow. First to get a hit is Dustin, who I seriously hope is a nice girl, because I really dig that team. They are team number five, and if they turn out to suck, I'll be sad.

Rob and Kimberly have a classic moment in which they call each other "babe" and mean "shut up," but what's interesting is that they both grin at the end of it.

Lyn and Karlyn and Kellie and Jamie are still going in opposite directions.

Kimberly finally gets her target, and she runs over and leaps at her boyfriend, which is another good sign. "I'm so proud of you today," he says. David finishes next, but on the way to the pit stop, she's complaining of a twisted ankle. Rob and Kimberly are team number six, and quite relieved. David and Mary are team number seven. Erwin hits the target, and some of the EEFPs heard Godwin excitedly call him "Winnie," which would be hilarious, but it's actually "Run, E, let's go!" They're team number eight. All of this is cut with shots of Kellie and Jamie and Lyn and Karlyn, and in editing very similar to what this show used to be good at, they show us someone arriving at the right place, and someone getting out of a Jeep, and someone getting the clue, and it turns out to be... Lyn and Karlyn. Kellie and Jamie, on the other hand, learn that they have gone in the wrong direction.

Lyn works on the Roadblock. Karlyn kibitzes. Jamie and Kellie drive. Finally, Lyn gets her shot to land. They run to the pit stop. Welcome, you are team number nine. "Still in it," they say. Heh. Exactly.

Kellie fires the arrow. And fires. And fires. And fires. It gets dark. "I'm so weak," she finally says. "I can't do it anymore." She reported in a later interview that she shot it more than 100 times, so while I never condone quitting, it's hard to argue, you know? There's a point where the physical strength is going to fail you and you are, in fact, never going to get it no matter how many times you shoot. They hug. They head to the pit stop and are Philiminated. Kellie says that she just couldn't do any more. Jamie wraps up with the nice talk about how they relied on each other, and they do seem like nice girls. Who were not great racers. Adios, cheerleaders. And what makes this a good episode? For one thing, the team that finished last was first at one point during this episode, and several teams who finished strong fell way behind at various points, and it didn't take any artificial bunchings to make that happen. When tasks are about the right degree of difficulty and you've cast the show properly, there is some shuffling during legs. When nothing changes, that's when you're doing it wrong.

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