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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

Peter and Tyler take the Roadblock. Peter gets a hit, and he annoyingly coaches Sarah as they run to the pit stop. Welcome, you are team number one. And they're quite surprised by this. They win a trip to Mexico. They'll get to swim with dolphins. "Did you imagine that you would be two legs into the race, and... first?" Phil asks. Don't feel bad, Phil. There's like no way around the unintentional leg puns. Believe me. In one of the greatest solo pit stop interviews ever, Sarah says, "There are things that I'm learning about Peter. And I'm not always impressed with that. I make no judgments right now, but I'm making note of it." I seriously hope that is just what it appears to be, which is code for "there's no point in drama in the middle of a race, but I can't believe how creepy he's being, and he will be dumped as soon as I get home." I hope that about five minutes after they returned from the race, she swatted him with the Amazing Purse, kicked him with her real foot, and said, "I'm confident there's a guy out there for me who isn't made of wood." Because for all the talk on the boards about Peter seeming vaguely... gay, which I don't disagree with, what I think is the nut of that is that he doesn't appear to have any genuine affection for Sarah whatsoever. He doesn't seem into her at all -- not like angry boyfriends are not into you, but like cousins aren't into you. I just don't think she registers on his sexual radar at all, and whether that's because he doesn't like girls or because he can't possibly see her as anything other than Widely Admired Girl With Disability, I don't know, but there's nothing about that relationship that seems genuine from his perspective at all, and if he's taking advantage of her because she can get him attention and she has a crush on him, then he sucks.

Tyler takes several shots and hits the target. Welcome, you are team number two.

Lauren takes the Roadblock for her team.

In a fateful sequence, Jamie and Kellie ask directions and are told to turn and go back the way they came. As they go back, they encounter Lyn and Karlyn coming the other way. Both teams keep going, so one of them is right and one of them is wrong.

Lauren takes several shots with the arrows. Tom takes it for his team, and unfortunately, he has that experience with the first arrow where it just falls out of the bow. Ouch. Lauren hits the target, and her dad goes bazoo with excitement. She jumps up and down and runs over to hug him. They make me cry. Welcome, Duke and Lauren, you are team number three. That is a good team, y'all. A very, very good team.

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