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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

Speaking of "right behind them," Duke and Lauren find Peter and Sarah right behind them. Peter passes them, and Sarah says, "We're not last. Do you know what a smile that brings to my face?" That would be "Currently in first place," actually. I think she has to know they're not last -- there were people working when they left. Still, passing someone is always good. Now, Duke and Lauren are passed by Tyler and James. Some of this is probably the speed of the various vehicles, I'm thinking, since the various vehicles seem to... suck.

Back to the parking lot where Lyn and Karlyn and Kellie and Jamie are returning to their Jeeps. Interestingly enough, neither one of these Jeeps will start. And elsewhere, on the road, the *wins' Jeep also breaks down, and they flag down a truck. No love. Tom and Terry pass. "We don't know how to fix a car," Tom says, correctly but a little defensively. Rob and Kimberly pass also, and she wonders about checking on them, but he says, "We can't do anything, honey." Dustin and Kandice pass, then David and Mary. Finally, the *wins get a jump, but as Erwin bows deeply in gratitude, the guy who jumped them just walks right by him. Ha! I don't know what made that so funny, but it totally was. Bow rejected! "I have a lot of love for Mongolia now," Godwin says once they're on the road. Yeah, I'll bet. (Mongolia: "We like Godwin, but we don't Like-like him. Why, what did he say about us?")

Jamie and Kellie are the first to recruit a local who's standing around to help them get their car started. He is aware, while they are not, that you can start the car by inserting a crank from under the hood into the front of the car and cranking it. To her credit, Lyn looks at what he's doing and finds the similar crank under their own hood and gives it a shot. But the guy is able to jump Kellie and Jamie first, and they get going. "This sucks," Karlyn mutters as she tries to turn the crank herself.

Commercials. I do not get the "Excedrin for mermaids" thing.

When we come back, Lyn and Karlyn get on their way, knowing that they're in last.

Meanwhile, Peter and Sarah and Tyler and James get to the Hotel Mongolia and grab a clue for a Roadblock. "Who's ready to aim high?" it asks. Phil tells us that in this Roadblock, the chosen person has to use a bow and a flaming arrow to hit a target on the ground. This is apparently an "ancient Mongolian archery training exercise." The target is 160 feet away. Doesn't sound as good if you say it's a little over 50 yards. Once you get a hit, you run up the stairs to the pavilion that's serving as the pit stop. Last team here "may" be eliminated.

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