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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

In the car, Peter says to Sarah, "Well, how bad was that meltdown, sweetie?" "I had a total meltdown," she agrees. Uch. No you didn't! He is gross. My only hope is that what Sarah is doing at this point is just going along with the nonsense, because he's clearly a pod person and she doesn't need to spend her energy trying to make him sane. Tyler, meanwhile, is just incredibly happy that they've risen from their flat tire to the middle of the pack, and can maybe even weasel up to the front.

Lyn and Karlyn and Dave and Mary work on getting water together. Tom and Terry and Rob and Kimberly are taking off in the vehicle, and Rob says, "I really want you to know I wasn't yelling at you, I just didn't know how else to say it, you know what I mean?" "Yeah," she says. That was actually an acceptable conciliatory speech. I'm telling you, even the annoying people this year are more like Paul/Amie annoying, where they basically like each other, rather than Freddie/Kendra annoying, where they could both be shoved in a gym locker for the rest of the race and I wouldn't want to see anything except their little faces peering out from the slats. In an interview, Kimberly says that he "can't talk to [her] that way," no matter what's happening. I get the principle she's going for, but I actually didn't see him talk to her all that inappropriately. They both have a tendency to get snippy, and I'm not sure it's going to help for her to decide it's about him not being derogatory to her.

Jamie and Kellie see that Dustin and Kandice are just standing around, and they can't figure out what the story is. David and Mary finish with the water, and they actually give their last bucket, which they don't need, to Lyn and Karlyn. Risky move, that. You're near the back of the pack, you know? As Dave and Mary read their clue, Karlyn and Lyn talk about how grateful they are for the water, which it looks like they need.

Dustin and Kandice's guy returns with their helmet, and they are very grateful. "Thank you for finding my helmet," she says, and she gives the guy a very sincere hug. Eighth place, they fell to, and they still take the time to be gracious. Maybe that's the pageant instinct. You're all right, Beauty Queens.

So now, it's Lyn and Karlyn with the water and Jamie and Kellie with the packing. They actually finish up at close to the same time, so they're all on horses heading back to the cars.

Dave and Mary find Dustin and Kandice hot on their heels and going at a good speed. "I think it's the bumpkins," one of the girls mutters. A technical foul, but... minor. They actually pass David and Mary, and they get into their car first and get on the way. David and Mary are right behind them.

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