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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

Now, Dustin and Kandice are done with the water, but they have a problem. That helmet that they decided not to worry about, they need in order to ride the horses back. Their clue tells them that they need to drive themselves 47 miles to the Hotel Mongolia, but it also says they must ride the same horses and "wear all safety gear provided." So they can't leave without that helmet. Their guide seems to be under the impression that he knows where it is.

Duke and Lauren have their packing done. They are checked, and they are ready to go, so with Dustin and Kandice on helmet-hold, they are now in first place. When Sarah sees that they're done, she concludes that she and Peter can do it, too. He's still kibitzing her about "show your strength," which is total bullshit. She doesn't need hand-holding, spaz! Get it through your metallic skull! Meanwhile, Lyn and Karlyn get so frustrated by the knots and the packing that they decide to switch as well and head for the other option. They team up with David and Mary, who agree to help them get down to the river. The *wins, on the other hand, are all done with the water, so they leave in second place. Dustin and Kandice run into Tom and Terry and ask if the guys have seen a helmet (aw), but they haven't.

Peter thinks he's done with the tying, and it turns out that he is. They leave in third place.

Rob is shouting directions at Kimberly, and he pushes exactly one notch too far, and she starts sobbing, "Please stop yelling at me." Aw, I don't like her too much, but what she is right now is hungry and tired. I know that cry; that's the cry when you don't even really know what you're saying and you don't have any breath. He tells her she's not listening, and she wails that she's listening as well as she can. He tells her to just look ahead and see where they're going, and that seems to get them back on track.

Tyler and James leave next, and they actually wind up edging ahead of the *wins, who had a slight delay for -- you guessed it -- a missing helmet. Those helmets certainly did turn into unexpected plot points. Duke and Lauren, currently in first place, are on their way to the hotel. Tom and Terry finish with the water, then Rob and Kimberly. Kellie and Jamie are just now getting to the Detour. They decide on the packing.

Dustin and Kandice, meanwhile, are having a little cry over their bad fortune. Seriously, one mistake, and they used to be in first, and now there are only a couple of teams behind them. That hurts.

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