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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

Tyler and James, now in fifth place, go for the water. David and Mary pick packing. Peter and Sarah load the metal jugs onto their cart and leave. They and David and Mary have similar problems with keeping the jugs on the cart. Tom and Terry chose the water, and Lyn and Karlyn pick the packing. Rob and Kimberly go for the water. They start to fight before they even get started -- just dumb, bickery stuff. As Tyler and James and Peter and Sarah meet up along the way, Peter and Sarah's animal just freaks out and runs. Sarah picks up the buckets off the ground as Peter says, "Sarah, we did the best we could." She starts to cry a little. Peter says they can try it again, and if the same thing happens, then they'll just have to quit, because the thing is spooked. "I know," she says, nodding through a tiny bit of sniffling. "Sarah!" he says angrily. "This is fine!" He walks toward her. "Let's stop for a minute," he says. "No," she says. "We don't need to stop, let's just keep moving forward." "No. I cannot move on with you like this," he says petulantly. He points at himself and then at her, saying, "I need you --" She cuts him off at last. "Peter, stop lecturing me, let's move." That right there is her best moment. Of course, he ignores her. "I need you... I need you... to be cool with me." "Cool"? What is with him? "I am being cool, but can we just move?" she says. In an interview in which she's alone, Sarah explains that she's cried during races before, and what she needs is to keep going forward, not stand around and talk about it. Back out on the race, she tells him, "I'm just getting teary. I'm not losing it. I'm just... it's frustrating," she says as she picks up a bucket.

Dustin and Kandice didn't get enough water the first time, so they head back out. Peter and Sarah try again. Same thing again. Sarah cries again. "We're done," Peter says. That big quitter. What kind of a coach is he, anyway? It's like he's trying to muscle his way into a totally inappropriate role that he sucks at anyway.

Commercials. Oh, Peyton Manning. Really?

When we return, Peter and Sarah are heading back to the packing. Lyn and Karlyn are a bit snippy with each other as they work on the knot-tying.

Meanwhile, down at the water, Dustin and Kandice realize that they are short a helmet. They decide not to worry about it and head back. The *wins and A(AM!)s pour water into their containers, as do Tom and Terry. Rob and Kimberly, however, are still out on the course, accompanied by bouncy music suggesting that they are subject to continuing wackiness. "Shut up!" "You shut up!" Oh, good times. Nothing like productive conflict.

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