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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

Tyler and James and David and Mary head to the horses, and David and Mary get there first.

Duke and Lauren will be Packin' It ™, and Sarah says she just hopes she and Peter made the right choice. Elsewhere, Dustin and Kandice leave the river without Dustin wearing her helmet, but it looks like it might be on the cart between the water buckets. Peter, meanwhile, starts complaining about how hard the packing is, and how "this was a horrible task to pick." He is clearly blaming Sarah, which I think you can expect from this point on, pretty much. The *wins, meanwhile, pick the water task. Tyler/James, David/Mary, Tom/Terry, Lyn/Karlyn, and Rob/Kimberly are all on the trail on their horses. "This sucks," Pointy Rob complains. And then Kellie and Jamie, Currently In Last Place, get going at last. They're happy to at least see some other teams. Peter is still in the process of flipping out, and he says in a later interview that he "got very confused with the knots," and he found the whole thing "very difficult." He announces to Sarah that he won't be able to "match that knot system." This is where I wish she had said, "Oh, well, all I did was scale a wall with one foot, so if you don't want to tie a few knots, I suppose I could take that over, too, you fucking marshmallow." I also can't stand him because he talks to himself while trying to figure out the knots. It's just Sarah who isn't allowed to talk while she works.

Duke and Lauren are struggling with the knots, too, and she's starting to get annoyed. They are standing across from each other, leaning over a pile of stuff, when he just reaches over and takes her head in his hands, one hand under her chin and one behind the back of her neck. "Don't worry," he whispers to her. He kisses her on the forehead. "Don't worry. Chill out." That was so sweet. And it's the kind of thing that totally would not happen if he weren't sincere about how much he loves her -- it's the kind of tender maneuver you just can't manage when you're squashing down repressed rage and secretly being ashamed of your daughter. Whatever their problems have been, none of them are that he doesn't love her or that he wouldn't die for her without hesitation.

Peter announces that he and Sarah have to switch tasks. "Oh my God, I hate quitting," she says. "SARAH!" he explosively snaps at her. "Let's go, come on!" And then he claps his hands at her, exactly like she's a dog. That is not acceptable, under any circumstances, ever. As they walk to the other task, he says he doesn't like quitting either, but "this is not quitting." And of course, it kind of isn't quitting, but it kind of is quitting, and if she had been the one who wanted to switch tasks, you can bet she would have received some kind of suck-ass lecture about not giving up. I don't think he'd let her change her mind about when to go to the bathroom without it turning into a hassle. Jerk.

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