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Peter and Sarah finish the horse riding and find the clue box. They open the clue, and it's a Detour. The choices are Take It Down and Fill It Up. In Take It Down, you have to take down the canvas walls and roof from a nomadic shelter, fold them up correctly, and then put them on a camel. It's a task of precision, pretty much, because you have to fold and pack according to a very specific pattern. Best part? The description ends with a camel looking into the camera and saying, "Errrg." Poor camel. In Fill It Up, you load up metal water jugs onto a cart that's pulled by a sort of ox-like (hee hee) animal, and you lead it down to the water. You fill up your water jugs, and then you bring them back and empty them into a container. Phil says that while the task isn't simple, you could wind up with an uncooperative animal and be kind of screwed. Peter and Sarah choose Take It Down, but when Dustin and Kandice arrive just behind them, they choose Fill It Up. As Peter and Sarah start taking down the shelter, she remarks that the reason she didn't want to do the other task was that an animal is kind of an X-factor. Dustin and Kandice seem optimistic as they start out that they're going to get along with the ox thing. Sarah goes to check out the example to see what the folding needs to look like. Dustin and Kandice are gathering water, and they only have one ladle, so one of them resorts to using her shoe to get water. Those girls are pretty tough and pretty resourceful so far, I must say. You can also see here that Dustin (I think) has taken her helmet off.

Sarah is talking herself through the task. "You know what? We folded it over, that's what we did," she tells herself. "Sarah, just focus on your task," Peter says in a totally bossy, obnoxious manner. "You don't need to talk, you just focus on your task." Fuck you, asshole! Who asked you to tell her how to concentrate? She tells him that she's merely talking to herself, and she'll stop if it's bothering him. She's giving a very charitable reading to what he just said by treating it as if he's telling her it's bothering him, rather than instructing her on what to do just for the hell of it.

The *wins and Duke and Lauren are riding.

David and Mary reveal that they're waiting for a new Jeep. Phil comes on to explain that if your vehicle "breaks down or becomes inoperable," then you get a replacement car. As longtime fans know, this rule used to apply only if it was not your fault that the car broke down. The flaw in doing it that way, of course, is that here, it's not clear that David and Mary could ever have gotten that Jeep out within the time constraints of the leg, and the show isn't interested in having people sit there doing nothing, thus determining with half the show left who's going to be out. So they're getting a new Jeep, but they've of course lost all the time they spent waiting for it. One way around it would be to give a penalty of an hour or something if you break your vehicle. And with that, I am overthinking.

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