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Can Horses Smell Fear?

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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

The *wins get on their horses. David and Mary continue to sit and wait as their Fern walks off, with David saying he's going for a tractor. "Well, let him," Mary says. I'm impressed that the Fern would go look for a tractor 43 miles from where he was picked up. It's not like he's going for his tractor. This might be the most devoted Fern ever, even though he may have led them into the mud. Maybe he's heard how litigious Americans are. David notes the arrival of more Jeeps. Indeed, Duke and Lauren are on their way, as are Tom and Terry, Rob and Kimberly, and Lyn and Karlyn. Everyone sees David and Mary stranded, and everyone is relieved, though only some admit it. These just-arrived teams all get on their horses and go. "Can horses smell fear?" Kimberly asks. Oh, quiet down, lady. Just ride. "No, honey," Rob reassures her. "Those are, like, bees and dogs or something." Wow. Wasn't expecting the Lipnicki shout-out from That particular Guy. Kimberly interviews that she's not so high on the horseback riding, as horses "have a mind of their own." Rob advises her to steer the horse just like she's driving a car, which I think is... bad advice. The car is not alive. Kimberly almost immediately manages to get clotheslined by a tree branch and dumped on the ground. See? Doesn't happen in a car.

As Lyn's horse bumps along, she says she thinks her kids will be proud and surprised. It briefly looks like she's going to tip right off the horse at this moment, which would have been ridiculously great, but it doesn't happen. We return to Kimberly, still on the ground, and Rob, still up on his horse and telling her that her horse is being brought back. I'm sure she's glad to hear it and cannot wait to see that horse again. I like how the show is providing this incredibly literal message about falling off a horse and getting right back on. Perhaps it's the season of proverb-based tasks. Next up: "Lead this horse to water. Make him drink."

Dustin and Kandice go along on their horses, and in an interview, Dustin tells us that a team of women has never won in nine seasons. True. She also says they want to not only win and "break the stereotypes" about women, but "to do it on [their] own." I think that means no begging for boys to adopt you, which: listen up, Parvati. As they ride, one of them falls off her horse, but her foot is stuck in the stirrup, and she winds up being dragged in a way that's quite frightening -- the horse accelerates at one point. This would scare the living shit out of me. She is rescued only when her foot finally comes free. Yipes.

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