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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

When we return, a guy comes along to help James and Tyler fix their flat tire. He appears to get their jack working, so maybe they were doing it wrong after all. If so, I think I'd forgive them for not knowing how to run the jack on a Russian military Jeep, to be honest. They don't cover that in rehab. They profusely thank their guy before getting back on the road. You know, that happened to me once. I had a flat tire, and a dude walked over the hill, changed it for me, didn't talk to me, and wouldn't take money for it. He actually looked similar to this guy. OH MY GOD, maybe it was the same guy, and this is what he does. He should have his own TV show about how he leads people on the path to operational tires and new lives, and it should be called Spare Change. I am a genius.

Because it happened right before the commercial, you will be less than shocked to know that Jamie and Kellie's breakdown isn't important, either. They get going, and they find the fork that they need.

In Peter and Sarah's car, we see her switching her foot from the running foot to the molded, foot-shaped foot, because she knows that for horseback riding, she might need to put her foot in a stirrup. And her foot-foot? Has painted toenails, which I love. Why the hell not, you know? Nobody ever said you had to be grimly inspiring all the time, which is why Peter needs to shut the fuck up. They are the first to arrive at the horses. Among other things, they get to put on enormous furry helmets, which already is reason enough to do the entire race. One picture of you in that helmet equals having to take a month off work. Sarah gets up on her horse, asking the guide if her foot is a problem, but he says it isn't, and she hops aboard.

Next to the horses: Dustin and Kandice. "I'm a Mongolian right now!" one of them says happily as she dons her helmet. (Mongolians: "It's more than the hat, you know.") She adds, "Give me some barbecue, baby!" (Mongolians: "Yeah, and the barbecue.")

David and Mary and their Fern head down a muddy hill quite close to where the horses are, but it's muddier than it looks, and they wind up stuck in the mud. Like, stuck. Like, the mud is up over the wheels. They are not getting out. Mary hassles him about how he's "digging [them] deeper" spinning the wheels, but the fact is that it doesn't make a difference. There's no "deeper" or not. Their car is not pining; it's passed on. They need to quickly acknowledge there's no way out and go from there.

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