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Pom-Pom And Bad Circumstance

The *wins arrive at Terelj in fourth place. As you can see, there's already been a good bit of shuffling in this leg, which is how you know it's not a dumb "go here; do this" kind of race. It's a huge, huge improvement, seriously. I'm not ready to say our long national nightmare (which has been, like, four seasons long) is over, but the sun certainly appears to be coming out. Duke and Lauren? Still looking. Lyn and Karlyn? Still looking. Kellie and Jamie? Same. But then, Duke and Lauren find the sign at the fork to Terelj, which seems to be the way teams universally learn that they are no longer lost. Tom and Terry find it, too. Tyler and James are next, but their relief at finding the sign is short-lived when they almost immediately discover that they have a flat tire. Youch. That's tough -- it's like running around with your hydraulic knee leaking fluid! And with only three teams behind them, too. They make what looks like a valiant effort to change the tire, but they can't get their jack to work.

Rob and Kimberly approach Tyler and James along the road, and they stop. "Our jack is broken," the A(AM!)s announce. Rob offers to lend them his jack. But when (I believe) the jack turns out not to be easy to remove, and when another Jeep comes over the horizon, Kimberly gently (and quite understandably) says that they really need to get moving. It turns out that the Jeep approaching is Lyn and Karlyn, who do not stop. Well, I should say... they don't quite stop, but they slow down to a roll, long enough to put the window down and say, "What's going on? Peace out," and then they speed off again. That seemed weird and unnecessary. I think "We're sorry; we have to keep going" would have been better. What's definitely unnecessary is Karlyn saying in the car, "They're tire's flat; that's what they're mad about. Screw them!" It just seems like "screw them" isn't needed here. There's no reason to bail the guys out, but there's no reason to hate on them for asking for help, either.

Elsewhere, Kellie and Jamie are unfortunately stuck behind someone who decides to put the brakes on while going uphill, and when forced to stop, Kellie stalls the Jeep and can't get it started again. "This jack is broken!" Tyler is saying, joining the long tradition of broken-equipment-or-animal bemoaners. James thinks they're doing it wrong, but Tyler thinks the jack is defective. Dun-dun-dun!

Commercials. Could Justin Long be any more outgunned by John Hodgman? That shit is just sad. Which system is this an ad for again? Oh, and also? Audrey Hepburn is the only person who looked good in those pants, because she was built like a giraffe (in the good way). On everyone else, they are merely ass-width-enhancers. Shut up, The Gap.

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