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In any event, the answer Kevin apparently came out there to give turns out to be wrong. When he comes back in the room, Charla asks him whether Mary got the question right, and Kevin says she did, so Charla runs out to steal the answer from Mary. Mary gives Charla the answer, which is apparently perfectly honorable unlike "eavesdropping," just as Kevin finds the picture on the wall that says exactly what he heard Mary say. I'd point out that Kevin still had to notice the pictures on the wall, which was half the battle to begin with, in order to find the word from Mary's phonetic pronunciation, so it's not like she gave away the entire solution. Mary says she and David will wait at the taxi for Mirna and Charla, meaning that Mary has seriously learned absolutely nothing from her past experiences. Kevin turns in his answer to the guard, and this time, of course, he turns out to be right. So Kevin and Drew leave in fifth place, just behind Mary and David and Charla and Mirna.

Inside the room, teams are beginning to collaborate on answers, figuring that if they don't, they'll never leave. Amber leans over one of the guys, stands up, and mutters to Oswald, "There's an 'H' on his pen." Oswald adds it to his list. I'm sure Rob would put on a great display of horror at this, but he would ultimately be forced to accept that no one can resist Oswald. It's a universal law. And then Amber finds Chuquicamata. Eric joins Amber and Oswald at the picture, pointing out that he thought this, too, but there was no "H." Amber tells him that actually, there is an "H," and they just found it. But Eric's attempts to glom on to Amber and Oswald fail, as they run off without him. Seeing these two teams get their clue and go makes Uchenna continue to go mad. Eric finally decides to try "Chuquicamata," and of course, that's the answer. So he's done at last. As you can imagine, seeing Pink break up the Misery Family and go off with Eric only makes Uchenna crazier, and now he's commiserating with Teri, who's still waiting for Ian the cop to figure out what's going on.

Commercials. The news says that in Minnesota, it's snowing. Thanks for the update.

When we return, we see Joyce and Ian still working the Roadblock at the Codelco Building. At the Santiago Airport, however, Dustin and Kandice are arriving, followed closely by Bill and Joe, Kevin and Drew, Charla and Mirna ("Come on, Charla" -- seriously, what adult do you travel with that you're constantly saying, "Come on, so-and-so" all day long?) (I'm talking about an adult human), and David and Mary. We return to the Boardroom, where Ian is commenting on how the clue is probably "standing right in front of us" as Joyce stares at the pictures on the walls. She turns to Ian. "What about Chuquicamata?" As they go out to check with the guard, she says she'll give Ian the spelling if that's what it is. They must have really given up and started just collaborating at the end, because other than a total mental collapse, I can't imagine what would make you give the answer to the team you could otherwise leave behind, hopelessly in last place with no apparent hope of progress. When she learns that she's right, she really does hand Ian the answer, so he and Teri and Uchenna and Joyce leave at basically the same time. In the cab, Joyce says a little sheepishly that she's usually pretty good at detail tasks, and Uchenna's eyes go all Krasinski, though not to the camera. "If it's details, I'm the one that usually picks it up," she continues, and he does the slow nod with lips pressed together, like, "Hmm, I think I just won't say anything." Which is pretty smart, since nothing else that he says here is going to help his cause, and it's in the past anyway. Elsewhere, in Ian and Teri's cab, she says, "You did good, honey." Who are these people? He protests that he didn't do well enough -- he's feeling like he just wasn't sharp.

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