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It's not clear whether Eric did or didn't see Dustin, but he has finally noticed the pictures. However, when he looks at his list of letters, he sees no "H," and there's an "H" in the name "Chuquicamata," so he discards that as a possibility, which buys him a ticket to a world of hurt. He has unfortunately missed the "H" that's on a guy's pen at the big boardroom table.

Rob and Amber and Danny and Oswald land in Santiago and head for the Codelco Building.

Everyone is finding the Boardroom puzzle very difficult. Bill is next to realize that there has to be something to this puzzle he's not getting. He figures out the pictures, and Chuquicamata, and he's done, so he and Joe get on their way. Bill also figures out that there are "extra" letters, like an "R," that are just there to throw you off. Bill gets the answer right just as Joyce gives another wrong guess and Ian and Teri arrive at the clue box. (Not sure what held those two up.) Bill's excitement is palpable, because Bill has a very bad poker face, in that his poker face consists of jumping up and down and pumping his fists. As Bill and Joe leave, Uchenna and Pink are increasingly unhappy about the fact that they got here first, and they've now been passed by two teams. "I don't know what's going on in there," Uchenna grumps. Ian takes the clue for his team, because he used to be a police officer and so forth, so he's supposed to be all about spotting clues. Charla and Mirna and Dave and Mary show up at last, and Charla and Mary take the Roadblock. Mirna will take all the Roadblocks with yelling, I guess.

Joyce actually appears to be looking at the pictures on the wall as she says she still has no idea what to do. Mary, on the other hand, comes in and immediately writes down all the names on the pictures on the walls as her first step. Now, Rob and Amber show up, and Amber takes the Roadblock. Oswald and Danny naturally follow, and Oswald takes it. Eric sort of can't believe he's been standing in this room long enough for every other team to show up. Mary calls Charla over and shows her the letters, and basically winds up showing her how to "solve" the thing. Mary goes outside to check on "Chuquicamata," and after she goes, Kevin writes something on his paper and follows her. Kevin winds up waiting behind Mary at the security guard's desk, and because she's a goof, Mary says the answer really loudly instead of showing it to him the way she's supposed to. Mary gets the approval from the guard, and Kevin pats her shoulder and says, "Good job," at which point she turns around and sees that he's behind her. Heh. "Kevin eavesdropped," David noisily complains. How dare Kevin eavesdrop! Everyone knows that Kevin was required to put his fingers in his ears and hum. The funny thing is, Kevin did not stand right over Mary's shoulder or lean intrusively or anything. He stood a respectful distance behind her, and she happened to holler out the answer, which is entirely her own fault.

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