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Commercials. I hide from Lowe's, too, but for very different reasons.

When we return, we see Rob and Amber and Danny and Oswald on a different, and slightly later, flight to Santiago. And then we are in Santiago, just in time to see the lead plane land. Teams hustle for taxis, and Eric and Pink are out in front, followed by Uchenna and Joyce. It appears that Mary is once again in an alliance, waiting at the airport for Charla and Mirna. At the Codelco Building, Eric and Danielle and Uchenna and Joyce open the clue, which is a Roadblock. Phil explains that at this Roadblock, one team member has to go down to the ground floor and solve a puzzle that starts with finding letters of the alphabet scattered around the room. What they need to figure out is that the majority of the letters -- though apparently not all -- scramble to spell the name of a copper mine, which is one of a bunch of mines pictured (with name plates) on the walls. When you think you have the answer, you show it to the security guard, and he gives you your clue.

Uchenna and Joyce read off the "Who has an eye for detail?" clue for the Roadblock, and they agree that she has the eye for detail, so she'll do it. Eric and Pink decide that he should do this one. For once, they actually show the entire Roadblock clue, which says that the room contains "details" that reveal the answer, and that when they have the answer, they'll take it to the guard. Joyce and Eric enter the room at essentially the same time, finding a bunch of guys sitting around the table talking -- nice of them to wait around until 3:00 in the morning. I guess a morning bunching was considered undesirable, given that this would have been an obvious place for one. Eric voices over that when they got in there, they saw letters all over the place -- on people's sleeves and ties and lighters and pens and whatnot. Basically, the key to solving the puzzle is noticing the business about the pictures on the walls. Dustin and Kandice arrive next, and Dustin takes the Roadblock and enters the room. Bill and Joe show up fourth, and Bill takes it. So now, we have Eric, Joyce, Dustin, and Bill in the room. Kevin and Drew come, and Kevin takes the Roadblock. That is, assuming Kevin can't claim credit for the Roadblock he already did today, "Jump Out Of The Way Of A Speeding SUV."

Eric and Joyce are the first two to decide to take an answer to the guard. They're both wrong. It appears that Eric guessed "aquarium" and Joyce guessed "planetarium." So they're apparently just randomly mixing up letters to form any words at all that seem to spell the names of places, and that seems... very unlikely to work. As they return and everyone starts milling around again, Dustin looks up at the walls and notices the pictures, so she figures the puzzle out pretty quick after that. There was kind of a perception that Dustin figured this out immediately upon entering the room, like she was some kind of a genius, but it took her at least a little while, so I think it's more that she figured it out before the rest of the yahoos. Dustin connects the letters on her sheet to a place called "Chuquicamata." She leaves and gives her answer to the guard, and she's correct. She and Kandice get the clue, which tells them to fly to Calama, Chile, and go to that very copper mine, Chuquicamata. It's actually the world's largest open-pit copper mine, so that should be fun and not at all environmentally hazardous. In the cab, Dustin calls the thing "frickin' hard," so again, I don't think she got it immediately, savant-style. She just hopes people didn't see her reading it off the picture on the wall. Apropos of nothing, I'm interested in the fact that Kandice has a Nike swoosh on her baseball cap, and I recall Esquire Rob having a Nike swoosh on a shirt that had to be covered up with tape. Maybe they've gotten more lax, or maybe Nike likes being associated with Beauty Queens better than with That Guy.

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