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As the other big group of teams hops its flight to Lima, David stuffs his and Mary's bags into the overhead compartment in first class. He explains that on the last race, they "learned so much," and one of the things they learned is that you always want to put your bags up as far as possible. Drew, already in a foul mood as a result of illness, is unfortunately stuck behind David as David stands there stuffing luggage into the overhead compartment in first class. Drew calls the flight attendant over and says that the bags that just got stuck up there are not first class. He's basically right that you don't put your bags in first class if you're not sitting in first class, and I don't blame him for wanting to put a stop to it, since David wouldn't be doing it if he didn't think it offered an advantage -- an advantage that Drew believes to be unfair. But Drew goes ahead and pulls the packs out himself instead of waiting to see what the flight attendant was going to do, which is where he goes wrong. He obviously should have waited for the flight attendant, not to mention the fact that... it's David and Mary, dude. It's hardly worth being cutthroat, even. David mutters about how Drew moved their stuff, and then he stuffs the bags back up in first class again. "Put your shit where your seat is," Drew grouses, but nothing more comes of it, apparently. Except that David now claims that Drew is "playing dirty." It leaves them in the position of both being dopey, because moving the bags was rude (though reasonable in motive), but it certainly wasn't "dirty." Trying to put your bags where they don't belong is at least as "dirty" as moving them in a way that everyone is aware of. It's not like Drew hid the bags. That's not to mention the fact that David and Mary have apparently decided they love Charla and Mirna and hate Kevin and Drew, which means you have your head screwed on upside-down or something.

Elsewhere, Danny and Oswald and Rob and Amber are chatting about trying to make it to the connecting flight out of Lima that all the other teams are on, so they need to hope the delay out of Guayaquil isn't too long.

Lima International Airport. The teams who came straight here from Quito are already headed for the flight to Santiago, and Rob and Amber are hustling to try to get on it. When they get there, though, they're told that it's too late to get on the flight. Danny and Oswald join them, and though they cajole and ask nicely, they can't get themselves on the flight. "This is not fun," Oswald says, and the flight to Santiago leaves without them. Rob talks about how easy it is, in a short time, to lose whatever advantage you thought you had, and he's certainly right about that.

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