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Eric and Danielle arrive at the airport. They get tickets from Quito to Lima and Lima to Santiago, which will get them there at 2:30 in the morning. The ticket agent tells them that's the earliest flight, but it's not the agent Rob was talking to, so I fortunately don't think he had anything to do with it. Ian and Teri also get the 2:30 arrival. I think the 2:30 arrival is the earliest you can get from Quito to Santiago without taking an internal domestic flight within Chile, so either that didn't occur to the other agents, or the flight filled up. Ian is sage about the possibility that the teams ahead of him might have a better option. Indeed, we watch as Rob and Amber hop on a 12:45 PM flight to Guayaquil. Back in Quito, Joe and Bill get the 2:30 arrival, with tickets they also seem to be getting from perhaps a travel agency rather than a person at the airport. They tease each other about needing a shower, which surprises me, since I think of them as eternally clean and lint-rolled. Dustin and Kandice also get the 2:30 route. Same for Uchenna and Joyce. Danny and Oswald hop on a 3:00 PM flight to Guayaquil, so they're getting to the connecting city later, but presumably getting the same connection. That may indeed mean that seats from Quito the Guayaquil were hard to come by. Kevin and Drew finally get to the airport, running into Charla and Mirna and David and Mary.

So the deal is: everybody else is on the same flight, arriving at 2:30 in Santiago, except Rob and Amber and Danny and Oswald, who are taking an extra connection and should be getting in at 1:50 AM as a result. At the Quito airport, Mirna tells the ticket lady she needs to check and make sure her "amigo" is on her flight, and she gives Rob's name. Too bad his plan to get other people preoccupied with him isn't working on Mirna and her steel-trap mind, huh? The airport lady tells Mirna there is no Rob on the flight. Mary and Mirna talk about what this means. Because of course, when you're bunched with seven other teams, what really matters is whether there are two teams up ahead of you.

What it means, of course, is that Rob and Amber are now arriving in Guayaquil all alone. At the gate where they're waiting for their Lima flight, Amber talks about their schedule, and Rob says they should be "the first team there." They clearly believed, when they got to Guayaquil alone, that this route was going to be theirs alone. Back at the Quito airport, Mirna is fussing to Mary and David about how this means Rob is on a better flight than they are, while Rob speculates in his interview that other teams may be "paranoid" about where he and Amber are right now. Good guess. Rob and Amber are not that happy to see Danny and Oswald show up at the gate at Guayaquil, and I'm not sure Danny and Oswald are that happy to see them, either. I think both were hopeful that they might be alone in front. It's not that often you get on a plane by yourself anymore, so they had reason for hope. Although it's dashed now, of course. And they don't have much time to think about it either, because they have bigger fish to fry when they learn that their flight to Lima is delayed. Oswald interviews that the lead they had is now a thing of the past.

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