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9:44 AM. Kevin and Drew. Leaving pretty far behind, they are. As Drew takes a little slip on some apparent horse poo, Kevin interviews that Drew's doing his best under the circumstances of his various physical "ailments." In the car, Drew complains that Kevin hit his sore shoulder, and Kevin responds that he merely tapped it. This doesn't seem like a good sign. "It gets a little frustrating for me," Kevin interviews, "but what's my alternative? Not to do this, so I've just got to keep pushing." As they drive, they manage to get stuck in the mud also. Kevin gets out of the car, and... Drew hands him the tow strap. Kevin's kind of wondering what they're going to attach it to, but it appears to be Drew's plan for Kevin to just kind of... pull them out. So Kevin has the tow strap around his waist, for God's sake, standing directly in front of the car. "I have to be able to see you," Drew says, even though Kevin is... standing directly in front of the car. "I'm the big black thing right in the middle," Kevin says, referring to the jacket he's wearing as opposed to... anything that might make you think Kevin had changed between races more than you would have expected. What's astonishing is that for whatever reason, the combination of Kevin being out of the car, and... maybe Kevin holding the rope?...results in Drew actually driving the car out of the ditch. And right past Kevin. Who is... still attached to the tow rope. It's terrible to laugh, because it's incredibly dangerous and probably as close to a serious physical catastrophe as the race has seen in some time, but Drew basically keeps driving, forgetting apparently that Kevin is still attached to the car. There's some pretty nimble Kevin footwork involved in running along the side of the car and hopping over a giant mud hole in order to avoid being pulled under the car. Seriously, not a good moment, and yet, in retrospect, extremely hilarious. Kevin actually leaps over a giant mud hole. Leaps! Like a ballerina! And then Drew says, "Oh, sorry." Because it kind of slipped his mind that Kevin was attached. That could seriously be the first "Get him a body bag! YEEEAH!" moment of this show, but fortunately, it didn't work out that way.

Rob and Amber reach the airport at Quito. Danny and Oswald, on the other hand, have headed for a travel agency, as is their wont. At the airport counter, Rob asks for tickets to Santiago, and he's offered a route from Guayaquil to Lima, and Lima to Santiago. They'll get to Santiago at 1:50 AM. At the travel agency, Danny and Oswald receive the same advice. Both teams get set on the same flights. As he's leaving, Rob does one of his favorite entirely pointless things, which is asking the airport lady not to "tell anybody else" about the flight. It's one of those little throwaways where maybe someday, he will actually run into a gate agent who finds him as charming as he finds himself. Unlikely. They have to go and set up their flight to Guayaquil separately, which they do. Danny and Oswald's travel agent does the same for them.

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