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8:25 AM. Team Guido. I am all about the matching lime-green outfits they're wearing, which are adorable. I can't describe the cuteness of the hats. I know! Me! Loving a Team Guido hat! Worlds are crumbling! As they drive off, Joe says, "Who says gay men can't drive?" I'm not sure I've heard that stereotype that much, but as of right now, I guess the answer is that no one says that. Bill adds, "It's gay four-wheeling!" That does sound like quite a marketing concept. Run with it! (I'm actually sure that already exists somewhere, so don't get too wound up.)

8:34 AM, Dustin and Kandice. 8:35 AM, Uchenna and Joyce. Kandice says that they weren't all excited about being in sixth place at the end of the previous leg, They're used to doing a little better, obviously, and not especially accustomed to having to be resilient. In the car, they note Uchenna and Joyce right behind. Joyce tells us that she and Uchenna learned a lot during the first race, and Uchenna throws out some suspiciously self-helpy stuff about in order to have "Mrs. Right" he has to be "Mr. Right." I feel weird pointing out the dueling facts that I don't entirely get that and it strikes me as simplistic, but both are true. Uchenna says he has to be confident that "she can carry her weight, and vice-versa." That technically means she can carry her weight and her weight can carry her, but I don't think that's what he's trying to say.

8:50 AM, Charla and Mirna. Charla is wearing an impressively unattractive and loud sweater, kind of like the ones Phil used to wear in his darkest days of making his head look like an egg. 8:51 AM, David and Mary. Mirna mentions that they're going to follow David, who will be navigating for the group. Mary interviews that she assumed coming into the game that she wouldn't like Charla and Mirna or the way they play, but she likes 'em! Mirna almost immediately gets herself stuck in the mud as they're driving out. Mary and David, suckers to the end, hook themselves to Charla and Mirna's car with the tow rope the teams have obviously been given and alerted to, and they haul the cousins out of the mud. For the moment, at least. "We owe you!" either Charla or Mirna calls out the window. David and Mary take this very literally, believe you me. They are planning to collect. Mirna says in the car that Mary and David are "sweet people" and "totally down to earth." And the great thing is, they're probably not "criminals" at all. In fact, Mirna says they're "definitely the most trustworthy" team. "So I guess you could call it a little bit of an alliance," Mirna says as they keep driving. One thing I can say about Mirna: she hasn't let up on the hot rollers. In fact, I suspect she's winding them a little tighter, if you get my meaning.

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