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7:53 AM. Oswald and Danny. They reveal that the teams are getting $487 for the leg. Oswald says that he and Danny are "here to compete," as they've already demonstrated, so they're just trying to stay focused. In the car, Danny says that maybe they should "pull over and wait for the other teams." Wait, who would be stupid enough to pull over and wait for the... oh, right. Never mind. Oswald comes back with "I like them... but not that much." Heh-heh.

8:17 AM. Teri and The Hat. Ian says that both in the previous race and in this one, they adopted "stop, look, and listen" as their motto, and they think it will serve them well. At least they're not aiming too high in terms of strategic complexity. "We are going to have a mah-velous time!" he sing-songs as they head down the hill to their car. They're already having a better time than last time, I think, in the sense that they aren't snapping at each other and they don't seem to be in disagreement about how his name is pronounced. Yet.

8:24 AM. As Eric and Danielle get ready to leave, Eric says he doesn't want her to break her ankles going down the hill. "Don't roll down the hill like Humpty." Danielle: "Humpty?" Eric: "Off the wall? We can call you Humpty-Dumb-Ass." What's great about this is that on the one hand, yes, she sounds dumb not knowing what "Humpty" means. On the other hand, rolling down the hill isn't what Humpty did. It's what Jack and Jill did. So he's not winning any big points for literacy there, either. (Humpty, you will recall, sat on the wall and then had a great fall, prior to getting his own dance. But there was no hill.) I really can't figure out why Eric and Danielle are doing the race together, other than that they both wanted to come and this was their only choice. They totally are not in love, I don't entirely believe they're dating, and I don't even think they like each other. If you watch this bit, they're right next to each other, but there's no warmth to the contact, no leaning towards each other or intentionally touching. They're just standing shoulder-to-shoulder. There's just... nothing. It's ice-cold, even without the loud sound of crickets chirping that has been placed here as an accompaniment. Finally, they rip the clue and go. Eric tells us that this is the first time they've raced as a team, and he adds something about how for "people in a relationship, it's added pressure." As I said, I think he may be speaking hypothetically, because I'm less than convinced they're even in a relationship. They look... weirdly indifferent. But he says they've been doing well with no problems, and he hopes it will stay that way. Because he wants the money, and this time, there are no hippies.

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