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Mirna Goes-o Nutso

And here come Kevin and Drew. Drew follows Kevin weakly onto the mat. They're told that they're the last team to arrive, and you can kind of tell they expect something else to be coming -- namely, news about speeding penalties for all the other speeding speedsters. Or Kevin is, anyway. As soon as he hears that they're last, Drew wanders off the mat. Phil asks him to stay, and Drew comes back, and Kevin tells him to be a good sport. "I am being a good sport," says a pained Drew. Phil tells them that they're eliminated, and Drew leaves again. Drew says he wants to go put his hat on before they do more talking. "He doesn't seem that happy," Phil says observantly. Kevin says that "these were two excruciating legs" for Drew. He says Drew did all the driving, so his back and his neck were under a lot of pressure. When Drew returns with his head covered, he says, "I can't breathe. My back hurts. My feet hurt from driving. My voice is going." In an interview, Drew says, "I didn't quit. I tried my hardest, it's all I can ask." He adds that "Kevin stepped up and held us together." Very level-headedly, Kevin observes, "If I were hurting, he would certainly pick up the slack for me." He says it was a great opportunity, he's glad they did it, and it's too bad it didn't work out. He calls it, overall, "bittersweet."

It's really unfortunate that it didn't go differently for them, partly because the way these two legs went is not a good representation of what they're like normally, particularly Drew. But you go, and you do the best you can. I can't think of three teams in the entire history of the show that I would have wanted to see in that tow rope situation other than these two guys. And that's true even though Kevin didn't manage to get himself run over by a truck.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Mirna tries to freak out on Teri, and Mirna is not -- not -- going to win that one, I will tell you right now. Teri is a shark, and Mirna is a self-important guppy. Danielle freaks out with a fish.

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