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Elsewhere, the BQs find a park ranger who sends them toward the Valley of the Dead. So now, they're going back the other way, and as they go, the trailing clump of teams passes them. Seeing the team ahead turn around, however, does not motivate everybody to turn around right away, with the exception of Teri and Ian. Seeing the BQs asking directions and then flipping around the other way, Teri says, "Turn around," and Ian does. No fighting, they just change direction. This time, she actually gets to be the navigator while he's the pilot! Kevin and Drew, in last place, see both the BQs and Teri and Ian doubling back. Drew is anxious, but Kevin wants to keep going.

The BQs finally get to the pit stop. They are very relieved. Welcome, BQs, you are team number six. They're unhappy about being sixth, I'm sure, but they smile anyway, because they are professionals at pretending to be gracious. Teri and Ian are team number seven.

So now, you have Mary and David, Charla and Mirna, and Kevin and Drew fighting it out, and they're all still going the wrong way. David starts to wonder if they should have taken the left. Everybody turns around, including Mirna and Charla, who have once again begged a taxi to lead them, so incredibly terrified are they of trying to find anything on their own. Kevin and Drew cut off Mirna and Charla from their taxi, however, and my favorite part is that Mirna yells, "I have to follow!", as if Kevin and Drew are going to be like, "Oh, okay, no problem," and pull over to make sure they don't impede her progress. And then she starts freaking out, shouting about how Drew drives "like a girl." I wonder if she realizes that urging another team to drive faster is somewhat contrary to the objective here. But once they get going, Mirna starts bitching about the slow driving, which is of course the result of the fact that Kevin and Drew still think the limit is 40 kilometers per hour. Mirna is basically having a breakdown in the car, but there you go. The teams pull into the pit stop.

Charla is crying about all their "hard work" yelling at taxi drivers all day. Drew is worried about his legs giving out. David is lamenting that they should have turned around earlier when they saw the BQs. Charla and Mirna, you are team number eight. David and Mary, you are team number nine. On the mat, with Mirna and Charla standing there, Mary declares herself "dissatisfied," but says she's going to "keep my feelings to myself." Which, of course, she has already not done, but whatever. In an interview, Mary says, "For two races now, all I've done is help people. Charla and Mirna, they were my friends! But after today, what went on today, no! That's the last time I'm going to help anybody." Mary, meet Rupert. Rupert, meet Mary.

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