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Eric and Danielle, Uchenna and Joyce, and Team Guido are now making their way toward the pit stop. When they get to the confusing sign that suggests that left will take you back to Calama, Uchenna and Joyce go right, while Eric and Danielle go left. Eric says that he was only told to take lefts until he got there. Guido also goes left. Pretty quickly, Uchenna figures out that they should have made a left, so they get turned around. When Eric and Danielle's car stalls out temporarily, they get passed by Guido, who are now at the front of the mini-pack they've been with. Bill and Joe park and run, getting to the mat just ahead of Eric and Danielle. On the mat, Bill grins and spreads his arms wide. "Phil!" he says. And then he says, "The girls always get to do it, come on!" Hey, you can't blame a guy for getting in on the Phil action. Bill and Phil hug. Bill and Phil! They should be a children's book. Come to think of it, that would be a really, really good book. Bill could teach Phil about dressing well, and when Bill got obnoxious, Phil would pop a brow at him and send him home. Phil tells Team Guido they're team number three, and they're very happy. Bill leaps right out of the frame, he's so happy. That's one spry dude. Eric and Danielle are team number four; Uchenna and Joyce are team number five.

Dustin and Kandice, who generally fancy themselves geniuses, as you know, take a right where they're supposed to take a left. Back in Kevin and Drew's car, Kevin is explaining that it's a 40 kilometer per hour limit at this point and to the pit stop, so anybody who passes them is speeding. Unfortunately, Kevin has missed the fact that it goes back up to a 50 kilometer per hour limit once you exit the Valley of the Moon and rejoin the highway. Ian comments that the guy at the gate said the speed limit would expire once they made it back to the highway, but Kevin and Drew clearly believe the limit is still 40. Teri and Ian pass Kevin and Drew, as do Mary and David and Charla and Mirna. Mirna's great comment at Kevin and Drew as they pass? "See you, wouldn't want to be you," which... when you compare it to Mirna's vision of herself in which she is the one pillar of maturity in an ocean of children, is pretty hilarious. Kevin and Drew reassure themselves that all these speedsters are clearly going over the limit. Sniffle!

And then, Mary loses her innocence for the 47th time when Charla and Mirna pass her. "When I saw what I believed was my friends trying to pass me? The game was on!" Mary interviews. And... Mary, it's a game. It was already on. Mary bitches in her interview about how she's no longer going to play nice, or whatever, and it's so pointless. Mirna and Charla and Mary and David pass Teri and Ian, who note same. David and Mary now pass Charla and Mirna, and Mirna's all, "They want to pass me? Okay, we have to play games like this." So... Mirna doesn't think you should follow her or pass her. If you are behind her, apparently, you have to quit the race. It's your only choice. Mary and David approach the critical right/left choice, and Mary says that they should go right, because the sign pointing right has "the most words." Boy, the game really is on. Mirna and Charla follow. Teri and Ian go right, though Teri's immediately suspicious that they shouldn't have, and Kevin and Drew go right as well.

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