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That's it. As of this point in this episode, in addition to the two remaining teams I previously loved, I am rooting for Team Guido, Teri and Ian, and arguably the BQs. It's like cracks are opening up in the earth's crust, and they're going to swallow us all.

Rob and Amber reach the entrance to the Valley of the Moon. Oswald and Danny enter just after them. In the car, Danny comments on how really cool and crazy the scenery is in the Valley. Oswald tears up as he comments that this just makes him happy to be alive. He actually has a little tear. That would be the tear of humanity that tells you you're still alive in the first place, you know? He pats Danny on the shoulder and says, "Oh my God, I feel like such a bitch." Ha!

Now, a few teams pile up at the entrance to the Valley of the Moon -- Eric and Danielle, Guido, Uchenna and Joyce. Several people comment as they enter that in the Valley, you have to drive no more than 40 kilometers an hour. Remember? Because you'll want to. The signs apparently become confusing here, and it's difficult to really understand what the teams are doing, exactly. If I'm understanding Amber correctly, part of the confusion is that you wind up back on the highway after leaving the Valley of the Moon before you get to the Valley of the Dead, so it's a little strange, because it feels like you're going backwards. Danny and Oswald are a bit confused also, but the two teams make their way up a very bumpy dirt road, and the music becomes more tense in that way that suggests that someone is about to beat someone else. An SUV pulls in at the pit stop. Who is it? Who? Well, it's Rob and Amber, of course. Because it's their world, and the rest of us just complain about it. They run onto the mat. Welcome, Rob and Amber, you're team number one. Phil tells them that they've each won a motorcycle, and unlike the vacation they won last week, this does get a big reaction out of both of them. They hug, and Amber says, "Let's do our dance!" And they start booty-shaking, and I am always in favor of booty-shaking.

A second clump of teams stops at the entrance to the Valley of the Moon. Kandice pulls a Mirna, asking the guy in an accent, "We're going... Valley of Dead." Behind them are Kevin and Drew, Teri and Ian, Mary and David, and Mirna and Charla.

Elsewhere, welcome, Oswald and Danny. You're team number two. They're very happy.

As Kevin and Drew get information from a guy who leans in their window at the gate, Dustin and Kandice decide it's taking too long, so they pull around. I don't know about that. When you pull up to a gate and a guy stops you, it seems like everyone has to stop until they talk to the guy, no? But Dustin and Kandice assume that they are immune from stopping at the gate, so they just drive through the opening that appears when the gate is opened in preparation for Kevin and Drew going through. The guy tells Kevin, in Spanish, that he can only go 40 kilometers per hour in the Valley, but that he can go back up to 50 once they exit. Kevin seems to understand the Spanish, mostly, but I have to wonder if he missed a critical detail. As the BQs squeeze past them, Kevin and Drew decide to get going, and Kevin reminds Drew that it's a 40 kilometer per hour limit. The rest of the teams go through the gate.

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